ZEV Program Contacts

This page reviewed September 9, 2013

Contact Us

For questions or comments, please e-mail or call any of the following staff:
Main Number 916.322.1731
Lisa Chiladakis  (DriveClean, Outreach/Marketing, EP Label) 916.327.2932
Lesley Stern  (Hybrid Test Procedures, Zero Emission Buses) 916.323.2913
Krista Eley  (ZEV Bank) 916.322.2333
Leslie Goodbody  (Clean Fuels Outlet, Hydrogen Highway Membership) 916.323.2961
Michael Kashuba  (Hydrogen Stations) 916.323.5123
Elise Keddie  (ZEV technology and EV Infrastructure) 916.445.6012
Michael Kashuba  (Hydrogen Stations) 916.323.5123
Melissa Meuser  (DriveClean, Outreach/Marketing) 916.327.2950
Mark Williams  (ZEV Incentives) 916.327.5610
Anna Wong  (ZEV Regulation) 916.323.2410