ARB Publications
Signed By Larry Morris, Chief
Administrative Services Division
Number 01-02
Distribution Executive Staff
Date Issued  October 16, 2001
Subject ARB Publications
Expires When Canceled
Guide Section Paperwork Management
Reference  Library Distribution Act; Gov't Code Sections 14900-14910; SAM Section 3123

Information published by State agencies and offices is needed by local governments, researchers, educators, and professionals in the private sector as well as by those in State government. This information must be accessible when people need it, not just when it is newly published. The Library Distribution Act (LDA), Government Code, Sections 14900-14910, requires the State of California to make available all State publications. The State Administrative Manual, Section 3123, requires each agency to designate a Publications Representative responsible for complying with the LDA provisions. The State library works with these representatives, both on getting publications into the distribution system and on depository program issues.


The Air Resources Board (ARB) Library has overall functional responsibility for matters relating to ARB publications and is responsible for distributing the materials (the paper copy and the link to the electronic version) to California's depository library system at the time of publication, and keeping and maintaining a complete collection. The Librarian is designated as the ARB Publications Representative. He/she has the responsibility to implement the ARB procedures for complying with LDA and to decide when a publication is a State publication for LDA distribution.

Each Division Chief has the delegated responsibility for the publications developed within his/her respective division and will appoint a Division Publications Coordinator (DPC) to interact with the ARB Publications Representative. It is also advised that each branch/section within the division have a person trained to assist the DPC. Each Division shall provide the ARB Publication Representative with the name of their Division Publications Coordinator.

The Division Publications Coordinator will have the responsibility to:

  • Be familiar with the operations of the division; and know when reports are final and ready to be published and distributed.

  • Follow the appropriate in-house procedures to ensure that publications and electronic copies are submitted to the ARB Publications Representative in compliance with LDA.

Definition and Examples of State Publications

State Publications: Reports and documents issued by the Legislature (or its committees, caucuses, and research offices); or by any state agency, including Cabinet-level agencies, departments, boards, committees, temporary committees and task forces; or issued at the State's expense by a private firm acting for one of these bodies; and reproduced in multiple paper copies and/or maintained in an electronic format with an assigned Uniform Resource Locator (URL). The definition of a state publication excludes materials not intended for public use: forms, inter-/intra-office memos, preliminary drafts prepared for in-house review.


Each division shall provide to the ARB Publications Representative (Librarian):

  • Non-regulatory Staff Reports, such as: Crematory reports, Agricultural Burning, Annual Almanac (and other statistical data), Governor's Reports on the Environment, all public reports to the Legislature or Governor's Office, and compliance advisories.

  • All research reports from all divisions

Office of Legal Affairs shall ensure that all Initial Statement of Reasons (ISOR), Electronic Board Books, and California Air Pollution Control Laws (Blue Book) are retained on CARBIS in perpetuity.

The ARB Library will maintain the paper copies and electronic versions of publications in compliance with LDA.