Guaranteed Return Trip/Ride Home Programs


Signed By
Larry Morris, Chief
Administrative Services Division
All Employees
Date Issued
December 29, 1994
Guaranteed Return Trip/Ride Home Programs
When Canceled
Guide Section
Cancels ASL 92-15

Many employees at the Air Resources Board use alternative modes of transportation (AMTs) which may include carpooling, vanpooling, riding the bus/train, walking, and bicycling to work. Two programs, the Guaranteed Return Trip Program in El Monte and the Guaranteed Ride Home Program in Sacramento have been implemented to ensure those employees, who regularly use an AMT, a means of transportation in case of emergencies. These programs are intended to diminish the fear of being stranded at work in emergency situations when using an AMT. It is hoped these programs will ultimately encourage the use of AMTs and decrease the number of single occupancy vehicles. In the event of a medical emergency or family crisis, a means of transportation would be provided from the worksite to either the employee's home or other location, such as a school, day care facility, park and ride lot, hospital, or accident site.

Since these programs have been established for emergency purposes, the outlined procedures are as efficient and uncomplicated as possible while still providing he means to verify and justify the use of these programs. Each supervisor and employee should read the attached El Monte and Sacramento procedures in advance to expedite the process when emergencies occur.

The ARB Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC), Sacramento Administrative Services Division, and the El Monte Employee Transportation Coordinator are responsible for implementing and monitoring these programs. Any questions regarding these programs should be directed to the ETC in your location.

1 - El Monte Guaranteed Return Trip Program
2 - El Monte Emergency Transportation Certification and Registration Form
3 - Sacramento Guaranteed Ride Home Program
4 - Sacramento Transportation Management Association (Sacramento TMA)