Contract Services Guidelines
Signed By Larry Morris, Chief
Administrative Services Division
Number 97-05
Distribution All Employees
Date Issued March 17, 1997
Subject Contract Services Guidelines
Expires When Canceled
Guide Section Contracts
Reference Cancels ASL's 82-45, 83-13, 83-35, 83-51, 84-18, 86-14, 86-35, 87-10, 89-24, 91-11, 92-05 and 96-05

The Contract Services Guidelines are provided as a resource to those employees of the Air Resources board who are involved in the state's contracting process. They set forth contracting policies, procedures and guidelines.

The ASD Contract Office is responsible for ensuring that ARB contracts comply with applicable legal requirements, are based on sound business practices, and are written in a manner that safeguards the state's interests.

ARB staff is cautioned to avoid the following situations prior to consulting with the Contract Office:

  • Allowing work of any kind to commence prior to a fully approved agreement.
  • Making commitments to changes in proposed or existing contract specifications.
  • Signing any contract or agreement on behalf of ARB.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact the Contract Analyst assigned to your division.

Attachment: ARB Contract Services Guidelines