Smog Check of
ARB Owned Vehicles


Signed By
Larry Morris, Chief
Administrative Services Division
Executive Staff, Branch Chiefs, Section Managers
Date Issued
July 30, 1998
Smog Check of ARB Owned Vehicles
When Canceled
Guide Section
Cancels ASL 97-07
Health and Safety Code Section 44019 requires that motor vehicles receive biennial emission control inspection and maintenance (aka "smog" checks). This is achieved by having vehicles with even vehicle identification numbers (VIN) inspected during even numbered years and vehicles with odd VIN inspected during odd numbered years. In accordance with Bureau of Automotive Repair State Inspection Manual, all vehicles must be inspected except diesel and electric-powered vehicles, vehicles with engines less 50 CID, vehicles with two-cylinder or two-cycle engines and motorcycles.

In compliance with this requirement, the ARB performs smog checks of ARB owned vehicles on an even/odd basis.  In order to compile and report the results of ARB inspections in a timely fashion, the following procedures and timetables need to be followed.


The Vehicle Coordinator's (VC) office of the Mobile Source Operations Division will ensure that vehicles in Southern California are inspected on the above schedule and the results transmitted to the Business Services Section (BSS) in Sacramento no later than December 15.


BSS staff will notify vehicle operators of the need to have the smog inspection completed by a licensed private garage or smog check station.  This smog inspection must be completed not later than December 1.  When work is completed, the vehicle operator will submit a Standard Form 5 with invoice attached, including before and after readings, to BSS staff in Sacramento.  Do not purchase a smog certificate.  Vehicles assigned or maintained by Sacramento BSS will be scheduled for a smog inspection by BSS staff.

Sacramento BSS staff compile the annual smog inspection reports and transmit the results to the Bureau of Automotive Repair.  If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact the Business Services Section in Sacramento at (916) 323-6020.