Property Accountability, Reutilization and Disposal

Signed By
Larry Morris, Chief
Administrative Services Division
All Employees
Date Issued
August 03, 1998
Property Accountability, Reutilization and Disposal
When Canceled
Guide Section
S.A.M. Section 8600 et seq

This ASL is to put in writing ARB policy regarding the accountability, reuse and disposal of state owned property. Property is defined by SAM Section 8601 as " refers to all assets used in governmental operations. Property that are capitalized are referred to as property, plant and equipment. Property includes land, buildings, improvements, machinery, furniture, tools, etc. and intangibles."

This ASL highlights the following subjects:




The policy of the ARB requires all staff handle and care for the property assigned to them as if the property were their own. This policy also requires that section managers and branch, office and division chiefs take responsibility for the property utilized by their respective staff.

Recent occurrences of theft and vandalism have drawn attention to the need for clarification of policy and guidelines regarding damage and/or theft to property in two different areas. The first area that needs to be addressed concerns theft or damage to state property outside of state owned or leased premises. The second area of concern deals with policy guidelines regarding loss or damage of employee owned property while on state premises.

Use of Property Outside of State Premises

      It is important staff understand the responsibility and potential liability they incur when using or storing state property outside of state premises. Once an employee has removed property from state premises, the full responsibility for that property resides with the employee.

      Personnel actions may be brought against employees who fail to use state property in the safe and proper manner for which it was intended. Misuse of state property, as defined by ASL 95-11 (Adverse Actions, Grievances and Appeals Guide) states Misuse of state property applies to any case where an employee took state equipment without authorization, damaged state equipment because of lack of care, used state equipment for personal business, or demonstrated lack of good judgement in the use of state equipment. ASL 95-11 also identifies types of personnel actions that employees may face if their conduct is determined to be misuse. In addition, employees may be held responsible for making restitution to the state by paying for repair, replacement or reimbursement costs.

      The following are policy requirements that must be adhered to when using state property off state premise

      1. Employees must have written permission from their supervisor prior to removing the state property from state premises.
      2. Property may be removed from state premises for work related purposes only.

    Exceptions to these rules may be granted if prior arrangements have been agreed upon between the employee and the employee's supervisor which would allow the employee to keep the property for an extended period of time. Documentation showing the supervisor granted approval should be kept in division, branch or section files to avoid discrepancies. 

      Employees are responsible for taking all precautions necessary to ensure the state property is not in jeopardy of loss or damage. This includes making sure the property is contained in a locked storage area when not in use and that the property is used only in the safe and proper manner for which it was designed.

      1. As soon as the employee is aware that theft or damage situation has occurred, he/she should contact:
      2. The local police department and obtain a written copy of the police report (applies only to theft situations). The ARB property manager at (916) 323-6020 to report the incident.
      3. The employees supervisor.

    Use of Employee Owned Property on State Premises

      An employee is eligible for repair, reimbursement or replacement of personal property which is damaged or stolen while on state premises only if the criteria below is met:
      1. Employees must provide their supervisor with an inventory of all personal property required on the job prior to the loss.
      2. The supervisor must review and approve of the use of personal property at the job site and indicate why the items cannot be made available by the State. The inventory, showing the supervisors approval, should be maintained in division, branch, or section files to support potential claims.

      Any theft should be reported immediately to the California Highway Patrol. The ARB property manager must also be notified. Each claim for damage to or stolen personal property will be submitted to the Accounting Section and must include:

      1. A report describing the incident that caused the damage or circumstances surrounding the theft. Also include copies of the police report of the theft and the inventory showing the supervisors' approval.
      2. For damaged items, a receipt for repairs or, if the article was damaged beyond repair, a statement of the actual value of the article at the time of damage and the reason it could not be repaired.
      3. For stolen items, a statement that the value of the property was verified by inspecting the original sales records or current price lists.
      4. A certification by the employee that the item was required for work; the loss or damage occurred at the work site or en route; there was no employee carelessness or negligence and all foreseeable precautions were taken.
      5. Approval by the employee's supervisor, including: confirmation of the facts stated by the employee; recommendation for replacement or reimbursement; a statement of measures taken to prevent recurrence of the theft or damage.


This policy continues to require all ARB staff to make every effort to recycle and/or reuse materials and/or equipment no longer needed. This policy includes the acquisition of recycled and/or used property available to the ARB at reduced costs. The State Agency for Surplus Property (aka as Property Reutilization) is often the final destination for state property no longer needed by state agencies. Property Reutilization also makes the property disposed of by one agency available to other state agencies, usually at pennies on the dollar. The most common items available from Property Reutilization include desks, file cabinets, book shelves and various tables. Contact Business Services Section (BSS) staff at (916) 323-6020 for direction on how best to use Property Reutilization.


This policy continues to require all staff and the ARB property manager to make every effort to recycle and/or reuse materials and/or equipment no longer needed by the ARB. To ensure compliance with this policy, the following procedures are to be followed when disposal of state owned property is deemed appropriate:

  1. A request that materials and/or property be surveyed is initiated within the appropriate section, branch or office.
  2. A Property Survey Request STD 152) is completed by the ARB property manager. The Disposition Code will reflect the ARB's preferred disposal.
  3. The STD 152 is submitted for approval in the following order: the appropriate division/office chief; the ARB property manager; the Chief of Administrative Services Division. These three individuals sign in the appropriate signature blocks on the STD 152.
  4. After all three signatures have been obtained, the STD 152 is transmitted to Property Reutilization for final approval.
  5. Property/materials not accepted by Property Reutilization are NOT to be discarded until ARB property manager has contacted three potential recipients in an effort to reuse the property/materials. Potential recipients are to be selected from the most current DGS Eligible Donee List.
  6. If a potential recipient cannot be located, the three potential recipients contacted are to be noted in the "Explanation" block of the STD 152 has having been contacted and not being interested in the property/materials being surveyed.
  7. Upon actual removal from the ARB, whether by donation, disposal or delivery to Property Reutilization, "CERTIFICATION OF DISPOSITION" on the STD 152 is signed by the Chief, Business Management Branch.

Questions regarding the policy or procedures on thefts may be directed to the Business Services Section at (916) 323-6020. Questions regarding the claim procedure may be directed to the Senior Accounting Officer at (916) 323-5375.