Signed By
Larry Morris, Chief
Administrative Services Division
Executive Staff, Branch Chiefs, Section Managers
Date Issued
November 8, 1999
California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) Service Contracts
When Canceled
Guide Section
Cancels ASL 99-09
Program Overview

The Department of General Services (DGS) created the California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) to provide a wide variety of information technology services at prices determined by DGS to be fair, reasonable and competitive. Use of CMAS contractors eliminates the State bidding process.

Policies and Guidelines

Use of CMAS is optional. You are encouraged to optimize the benefits of the CMAS program by comparing different schedules for varying services and prices, and carefully reviewing all contract terms and conditions, to obtain the best value available.

The maximum amount of each transaction placed under CMAS is $500,000.

In response to our commitment to increase participation by small businesses, whenever practicable, we must first consider offers from small businesses that have established CMAS contracts. In addition, DGS will waive the 1.21% administrative fee (the fee currently charged to agencies to support the CMAS program) for contracts to California small business.

CMAS does not reduce or relieve State agencies of our responsibility to meet statewide contracting requirements, guidelines, procedures or policies. All public contract requirements remain in effect, i.e., civil service considerations, contractor evaluations, etc.

Procedures for Use

A list of approved CMAS service providers can be found at It is up to you to contact contractors and request copies of their respective CMAS agreements. It is the responsibility of the contractor to provide complete copies of their contracts upon request.

To request CMAS services:
  1. Obtain a copy of CMAS contract from proposed contractor(s).
  2. Submit a completed ASD-15 signed by your Division Chief to the Contract Section for review and processing, including:

a. specific work statement, deliverables, timelines
b. budget,
c. copy of the proposed contractor's CMAS agreement.

Your agreement will be processed on a Std. 65 Contract/Delegation Purchase Order through ARB's established contract process, including administrative review and signature by the ASD Division Chief.

Contact your assigned Contract Analyst for assistance in obtaining services from a CMAS contractor.

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