AS - ASL 94-19: El Monte Guaranteed Return Trip Policy - Attachment

Attachment to ASL 94-19


The following procedures for the El Monte Guaranteed Return Trip Program are now in effect and should be implemented immediately.

All ARB El Monte employees are eligible to use the Guaranteed Return Trip Program under the following conditions. The employee must have:

  1. Used an Alternative Mode of Transportation (AMT) at least three times a week. Part-time employees and employees who work adjusted work schedules are eligible providing they utilize AMTs at least 60% of their weekly work schedule.
  2. Used an AMT for commuting to work the day of the emergency.
  3. Not used the Guaranteed Return Trip Program more than four times during a year.
  4. Obtained supervisory approval to leave work in advance.
  5. Completed an Emergency Transportation Certification and Registration Form (Form ASD-164).


ARB El Monte employees may use the Guaranteed Return Trip Program if they meet the eligibility requirements above and if one or more of the following incidents occur while at work:

  1. Illness or a serious problem involving an eligible employee, family member, home or property, or persons residing in the household which requires the employee's immediate personal attendance.
  2. Absence of carpool or van pool vehicle due to its use by the carpool or vanpool driver who had to leave work unexpectedly to attend to a personal crisis.
  3. All stranded carpool or vanpool riders must ride together using the same Guranteed Return Trip Program vehicle.
  4. Breakdown of carpool or vanpool vehicle without any backup vehicles.  All stranded carpool or vanpool riders must ride together using the same Guaranteed Return Trip Program vehicle.

To participate in the Guaranteed Return Trip Program, the following steps must be taken:
  1. An eligible employee with an emergency must obtain permission from their supervisor (or from their acting supervisor) prior to leaving work.
  2. The employee's supervisor will determine whether the employee is eligible and whether the program use is justified.
  3. If approved, the employee must fill out Form ASD-164 which is available through the division administrative coordinator.
  4. The supervisor will determine the appropriate required action. In making this decision, the supervisor must consider the following:
  1. On the next workday, the supervisor must send one copy of Form ASD-164 to the El Monte ETC and one copy to the division administrative coordinator for record-keeping purposes.

If Guaranteed Return Trip Program Procedures are not followed, appropriate disciplinary action may be taken by the supervisor.

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