Administrative Services Letters

This page last reviewed October 06, 2014


91-21 General Stolen Property
92-03 Paperwork Management Recycling & Conserving Paper (El Monte)
94-19 Employee Transportation Guaranteed Return Trip/Ride Home Program
97-05 Contracts Contract Services Guidelines
97-12 Procurement Procurement Services Guidelines
97-19 Procurement Vehicle Procurement
98-04 Procurement Recycled Procurement Policy
98-09 Fleet Management Smog Check of ARB Owned Vehicles
98-11 Building Management Property Reutilization & Disposal
99-02 Human Resources Worker's Compensation Guide
99-08 Travel Air Travel
99-10 Contracts CMAS Service Contracts
00-03 Travel State Contract Vehicle Rentals
00-09 Paperwork Management Forms Management Program
01-02 Paperwork Management ARB Publications
02-03 Human Resources Hiring Procedures
02-05 Human Resources Work and Family Programs
03-04 Paperwork Management Information Practices Act
03-05 Health & Safety Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)
04-02 Building Management Revised Smoking Policy
05-01 General Copier Procurement and Maintenance Guidelines
06-01 Paperwork Management Records Management Program
06-03 Paperwork Management California Public Records Act, ARB Guidelines
07-02 Human Resources Anti-Nepotism Policy
07-03 Human Resources Complaints of Improper Interference or Retaliation
07-05 Labor Relations Grievance Procedure (Excluded Employees)
07-06 Labor Relations Reimbursement of Professional License Fees and Membership Dues
07-07 Labor Relations Prohibited and Restricted Political Activities
07-09 Labor Relations Grievance Procedure (Represented Employees)
07-14 EEO Bilingual Services Policy
07-15 Human Resources Examination Guide
07-16 EEO Disability Video Requirement
07-18 Financial Operations State Prompt Payment Act
07-19 Human Resources Overtime and Travel Time Guidelines
07-20 Human Resources Incompatible Activities Statement
07-21 Health & Safety Prohibition on Weapons in State Buildings
07-22 Building Management Energy Conservation
08-02 Human Resources Sick Leave Administration - Guidelines for Supervisors
08-05 Human Resources A Guide to Employee Conduct and Progressive Discipline
08-06 Building Management Solicitors in State Offices
08-08 Financial Operations Payment Process for Conference Expenses
08-09 Health & Safety Violence in the Workplace Prevention Policy
08-10 Health & Safety Violence in the Workplace Prevention Policy - Managers & Supervisors
09-05 Human Resources Procedures for Issuing/Requesting a Salary Advance
09-06 Health & Safety Motor Vehicle Accident Reporting
09-08 Human Resources Leave Usage Pending Retirement
09-09 Fleet Management Reporting Use of State Vehicles for Commuting - Tax Withholdings and Reporting Requirements
09-10 Human Resources Procedures for Verifying Educational Requirements
09-11 Training Training Plan and Guide
09-12 EEO Employee Assistance Program
09-13 Fleet Management Home Storage of State Vehicles
09-14 Human Resources Leave Usage
10-02 EEO Important Language to Include on Public Meeting Notices and All Information Available to the Public
10-03 Fleet Management Use of State Vehicles Guidelines
10-04 EEO Communication with Person with Disabilities
10-05 Health & Safety Ergonomics for Desktop Users
10-06 Health & Safety Heat Illness Prevention Program
10-07 Human Resources Work Schedules
10-08 EEO Reasonable Accommodation
10-09 EEO Competitive Rating Report Process
10-11 General Mobile Device Policy
11-01 Human Resources Catastrophic Leave Program
11-02 Health and Safety Smoking Policy
12-01 Labor Relations Telework Program Policy and Procedures
12-02 Health & Safety DMV Employer Pull Notice Program
12-03 Health & Safety Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Program
12-04 Labor Relations Union Leave Requests
12-05 Human Resources Transfer Policy for Air Resources Engineers and Air Pollution Specialists Classifications
13-01 Human Resources Standards of Conduct
13-02 Training Tuition Assistance Policy
13-03 EEO Upward Mobility Program
14-01 Human Resources Election Time Off to Vote
14-02 Human Resources Awards Program
14-03 Human Resources Meal Periods