Emission Reduction Plan for Ports and Goods Movement

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The Air Resources Board (ARB) approved the 2006 Emission Reduction Plan for Ports and Goods Movement (Plan) in California. The Plan is an essential component of California's effort to reduce community exposure to air pollution and to meet new federal air quality standards for ozone and fine particulate matter (PM2.5).  This effort is also the next step in implementing the Goods Movement Action Plan developed by the California Business, Transportation and Housing Agency and the California Environmental Protection Agency.

Staff Updates to Board on Plan Implementation

April 24, 2008 (Oakland)

  • Staff Presentation ( PDF)

April 26, 2007 (Sacramento)

  • Staff Presentation ( PDF)

November 16, 2006 (San Francisco)

  • Staff Presentation ( PDF)

ARB Board Action

On April 20, 2006, the Board approved the proposed Emission Reduction Plan for Ports and Goods Movement in California. The resolution details the specific findings and actions.
Board Resolution (PDF)  

Staff Presentation to Board  

  • Color, 2 slides per page -- (PDF)
  • Color, 6 slides per page -- (PDF) 
  • Black & White, 2 slides per page -- (PDF)
  • Black & White, 6 slides per page -- (PDF)

Public Meetings 

Meetings Archive

ARB Plan

Final Emission Reduction Plan for Ports and Goods Movement (approved April 20, 2006) 

Plan Document  (PDF)167 pages


Appendix A - Quantification of the Health Impacts and Economic Valuation of Air Pollution from Ports and Goods Movement in California (PDF) 111 pages
Appendix B - Regional Analyses (PDF) 24 pages
Appendix C - Diesel PM Risk Reduction Methodology (PDF) 5 pages
Appendix D - International Goods Movement (PDF) 6 pages
Appendix E - Comparison of Plan to Port of Los Angeles No Net Increase Measures (PDF) 8 pages
Appendix F - List of Public and Peer Review Comments (PDF) 5 pages
Appendix G - Maritime Goods Movement Coalition Proposal (PDF) 16 pages

Technical Supplements

Technical Supplement on Health Analysis (PDF) 108 pages  
Technical Supplement on Emission Inventory (PDF) 108 pages  

Related Documents

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Goods Movement Action Plan

For upcoming meetings or copies of this Plan, please see: California Business, Transportation & Housing Agency and California Environmental Protection Agency.

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