2007 South Coast and Coachella Valley 8-hour Ozone and PM2.5 Plans

This page last reviewed February 4, 2008

At the public meeting held on September 27, 2007, the Air Resources Board (ARB) approved the South Coast Air Basin and the Coachella Valley 2007 Air Quality Management Plan for Attaining the Federal 8-hour Ozone and PM2.5 Standards. The plan projects attainment for the 8-hour Ozone standard by 2024 and the PM2.5 standard by 2015.
Below you will find links to the Air Quality Plan, letters submitting the plan to ARB and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, resolutions, transportation conformity budgets, staff reports, and a public notice.

ARB Documents
Public Notice

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District Documents

"Air Quality and Transportation Planning"