Active Transportation in California        

This page last reviewed on January 7, 2015

Active transportation includes any method of travel that is human-powered, but most commonly refers to walking and bicycling.  By walking and riding bicycles more often, Californians can make strides towards meeting the recommended daily activity levels, saving money on transportation costs and reducing their carbon footprint.  Combined with other transportation and land use strategies, active transportation can help build more sustainable communities in California.


Active Transportation Information




Bicycle- and pedestrian-related resources from State departments on safety, education, and planning.  Each of these sites is maintained by an official State of California agency and/or partnership.

California Active Transportation Safety Information Page


California Traffic Control Devices Committee

Caltrans Bicycle Program

Safe Routes to School Technical Assistance Resource Center

California Active Communities-Healthy Transportation Network


A limited list of active transportation resources on public awareness, research, and safety from the federal government.

Federal Highways Administration Bicycle & Pedestrian Program

Everyone is a Pedestrian

Pedestrian & Bicycling Information Center



Resources from nationally-based non-governmental organizations on active transportation research, design, and advocacy. 

Transportation Research Board

NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide

National Complete Streets Coalition

League of American Bicyclists

Alliance for Bicycling & Walking


Information on the pedestrian and bicycle statewide member-based organizations.

California Walks

California Bicycle Coalition

Women on Bikes California


A limited list of non-governmental organizations focused on regional bicycle and/or pedestrian issues in California.   

Bay Area Bicycle Coalition

Walk SF

Los Angeles Walks

Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

Walk Sacramento

San Diego County Bicycle Coalition

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