Application Process for Statewide Portable Equipment Registration Program

This page last reviewed May 21, 2015

    You can submit completed application forms by mail or in person. See the list below for the forms you need. 


    Download Application Forms


    Write: California Air Resources Board
    Statewide Registration Program
    P.O. Box 2038
    Sacramento, CA 95812-2038


    California Air Resources Board
    Statewide Registration Program
    1001 I Street
    Sacramento, CA 95814

    Mail your application forms along with the appopriate payment to the above address.

    Forms to Use -- New Registrations

    Certified Engine

    1 and 2*

    Resident Engine

    1, 2, 2A, and copy of district permit

    Controlled Engine/Spark Engine Meeting PERP Regulation Table 1 Emission Requirements

    1 and 2 plus emission control device documentation

    Sand & Gravel Screening, Rock Crushing, and Pavement Crushing & Recycling Equipment Registration

    1 and 3-A

    Concrete Batch Plant

    1 and 3-B

    Confined Abrasive Blasting

    1 and 3-C

    Unconfined Abrasive Blasting

    1 and 3-D

    Wood Chipping and Grinding Equipment

    1 and 3-E**

    Rock Drills

    1 and 3-F

    Military Tactical Support Equipment

    1 and 4

    Forms to Use -- Admistrative Actions and Changes

    Change of Ownership 6*
    Reactivation of Expired Registration5
    Modification 7
    Identical Replacement 7
    Correction 8
    Sticker Replacement 8
    Intra-Company Sticker, Document and/or Placard Replacement Request9
    Document Replacement 8
    Change of Address, Name, or Phone 8
    Registration Cancellation 8
      *If your company did not have active PERP registrations for diesel engines on or before 1/1/2013 and your application includes a diesel engine (other than a crane, sweeper, water well drilling rig, or snow blower), you must include a statement of compliance and fleet summary, as described in 93116.4(e)(2) of the Portable Diesel Engine ATCM.  The statement of compliance and fleet summary are contained within the fleet emission calculators at the following link:
      **Please contact your local air district to determine if a permit is required to operate your chipper, grinder, and/or engine powering the equipment prior to submitting applications to PERP.
      To contact your local air district, click here to go to the air district directory.