Statewide Portable Equipment Registration Program - Reporting and Recordkeeping Forms

This page updated March 02, 2012


NOTE: The reporting and recordkeeping forms can be downloaded in either MSWord or PDF formats. The PDF format requires PDF software to view, search, and print. This software can be found under software topic area located on the ARB homepage.

Recordkeeping Forms



Downloadable Format



Portable Non-Certified Engine -- Daily and Monthly Recordkeeping Form MSWord or PDF  


Portable Certified Engine -- Monthly Recordkeeping Form MSWord or PDF  


Portable Equipment Unit -- Daily Recordkeeping Form MSWord or PDF  

Annual Reporting Forms


Portable Equipment Unit -- Annual Reporting Form MSWord or PDF  


Rental Engine or Equipment Unit - District Notification Form
MSWord or PDF  

Reporting Operation in a Declared Emergency Event
40Notification of Operation in an Emergency Event for Water Well Drilling and Water PumpingMSWord or PDF

For further information regarding the program, please contact the Statewide Registration Program Information Line at (916) 324-5869 or via e-mail at