Portable Diesel Engine ATCM - Fleet Reporting

This page last updated June 17, 2014

These reports are for Portable Equipment, not Off-road mobile equipment.  

The fleet reporting emission calculators below can be used to determine the weighted PM emission rate for the engines in your fleet.
Each report includes printable pages and a compliance statement page which can be mailed to the Air Resources Board.
The report calculators also allow you to experiment with different turnover, repower, and retrofit strategies to plan for compliance with the Portable Diesel Engine ATCM.

Be advised that we are providing the report calculators as a convenience.  The ultimate responsibility for accuracy and compliance is yours.

You may encounter problems with engine family names which are not found in the calculator source data.  The engine family name on your registration may not exactly match the one on your engine for a variety of reasons.  If you encounter this problem or have any questions or comments about the calculators, please call the ARB staff listed below.

The fleet recordkeeping and reporting requirements are found in the Portable Diesel Engine ATCM, Section 93116.4

Compliance Dates

How to Count Engines

Compliance Reports

Report Instructions
Select the horsepower range for the engines you are reporting.  Each link opens an Excel calculator for the horesepower range indicated

under 175 horsepower

175 to 750 horsepower

over 750 horsepower

These report calculators are the same as those above except they contain space for large fleets of up to 1000 engines

under 175 horsepower

175 to 750 horsepower

over 750 horsepower

If your fleet contains only a few engines or you wish to do the report by hand, you can print these sheets

 under 175 horsepower  PDF

175 to 750 horsepower  PDF

over 750 horsepower  PDF

New short version report
for PERP registered engines only
and a maximum of 20 engines in fleet
short version

Portable Fleet Reporting Contact Information

For further information regarding the calculators, please contact Zuzana Vona at (916) 323-9688, Dave Brown at (916) 324-1129, Carol Carlson at (916) 445-1365, or James Aguila at (916) 322-5616. You may also email us.