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Project Status: active

Title: In-duct air cleaning devices: ozone emission rates and test methodology

Principal Investigator / Author(s): Morrison

Contractor: Missouri University of Science and Technology

Contract Number: 09-342

Research Program Area: Health & Exposure

Topic Areas: Indoor Air Quality

Research Summary:

ďIn-ductĒ air cleaners that are part of a building ventilation system are on the market, and some have the potential to expose building occupants to elevated concentrations of indoor ozone and its toxic byproducts. ARBís regulation that limits ozone emissions from indoor air cleaners exempts such devices because an accepted test method is not available and few data are available on their ozone emissions in buildings. The primary objectives of the proposed study are to: 1) develop and test a method for measuring ozone emission rates of electronic in-duct air cleaners; and 2) obtain real-world data on the impact of these devices on indoor ozone concentrations. The investigators will identify in-duct models on the market and conduct laboratory testing of ozone emissions from at least seven of the more popular and high-emitting models. The effects of air flow, temperature, humidity, and soiling on ozone emissions will also be studied. The investigators will then conduct ozone testing in three Oklahoma homes with in-duct devices, and use a streamlined approach in five California homes and one small commercial building. The impact of in-duct air cleaners will be estimated for typical California homes. The study is expected to provide a robust test method, laboratory test results, and the field data necessary for ARB to assess the need to regulate in-duct air cleaners in California.


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