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Project at a Glance

Project Status: active

Title: Source speciation of Central Valley greenhouse gas emissions using in-situ measurements of volatile organic compounds

Principal Investigator / Author(s): Goldstein, Allen

Contractor: UC Berkeley

Contract Number: 11-315

Research Program Area: Atmospheric Processes, Emissions Monitoring & Control

Topic Areas: Agriculture, Field Studies, Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Research Summary:

The agricultural sector is the largest contributor of nitrous oxide (N2O), a potent greenhouse gas (GHG), both globally and in California, accounting for about 60 percent of anthropogenic N2O emissions. Since N2O is produced in soil through microbial processes involving nitrogen (N) compounds, its emissions from agricultural soils are closely related to soil nitrogen content, but highly variable due to numerous environmental factors that govern microbial activities. Therefore, crop management practices that affect microbial activities in soil would also affect N2O emissions. This project will identify and quantify the N2O emission reduction potential from alternative management practices for five important crops in California: grapes, almonds, lettuce, tomatoes, and corn. The proposed alternative management practices will include: use of alternative nitrogen fertilizers, use of nitrification and urease inhibitors, fertigation via subsurface drip irrigation (SDI), changing cover crops, organic farming, and conservative tillage. This project is expected to provide data needed for the development of potential agricultural offset protocols pursuant to AB 32.


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