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Project Status: active

Title: Environmental Fate of Low Vapor Pressure - Volatile Organic Compounds from Consumer Products: A Modeling Approach

Principal Investigator / Author(s): Bennett, Deborah H.

Contractor: UC Davis

Contract Number: 13-304

Research Program Area: Atmospheric Processes

Topic Areas: Modeling

Research Summary:

The top three reactivity-based total organic gas emission sources in California’s South Coast Air Basin are light-duty passenger cars, off-road equipment, and consumer products, indicating that VOC emissions from consumer products could be a significant contributor to ozone formation. Currently low vapor pressure –LVP-VOCs used in consumer products are exempted from VOC limits in ARB’s Consumer Product Regulations. Depending on the emission rate, portion remaining in the gas phase, and reactivity, LVP-VOCs could be another contributor to ozone formation. However, to evaluate the impacts of LVP-VOCs on air quality, more research is needed to better understand the emission and environmental fate of LVP-VOCs, including what portion of LVP-VOCs disposed down-the-drain will be emitted to air and what portion of LVP-VOCs emitted will be in the gas phase to form ozone. This research project will develop multimedia environmental modeling tools to determine the fraction of emitted LVP-VOCs in the gas phase that is available for ozone formation reactions. The results from this project can provide important information and modeling tools for ARB to determine whether the exemption for LVP-VOCs in the Consumer Products Regulations should continue as is or be modified.


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