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Project Status: active

Title: Technical Analysis of Vehicle Load-Reduction Potential for Advanced Clean Cars

Principal Investigator / Author(s): Pannone, Greg

Contractor: Control-Tec, LLC

Contract Number: 13-313

Research Program Area: Climate Change, Emissions Monitoring & Control

Topic Areas: Greenhouse Gas Control, Mobile Sources & Fuels

Research Summary:

Reducing vehicle road load through greater use of improved aerodynamic designs, low rolling resistance tires, mass reduction, and reduced accessory loads, can contribute to tailpipe GHG emission reductions to varying degrees. This proposed research will analyze vehicle attribute data to identify the configurations within a model year using best available or best-in-class load-reducing technologies and determine the extent to which future vehicles may adopt these technologies. These findings will be used to project potential future tailpipe emission reductions and the ancillary cost benefits these technologies may have on powertrain sizing or energy storage requirements. The proposed research will be useful for the midterm review required by 2017 as it may inform the technical assessment report on the feasibility and associated costs for vehicles expected to be produced to comply with the Advanced Clean Cars program in future model years.


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