California Air Toxics Program
Residential Waste Burning ATCM

This page last reviewed December 13, 2013.

Fact Sheets and Brochures

Exposure to dioxins in the environment, and through contaminated food, can increase chances of developing cancer and producing other adverse health effects such as immune system damage. The fact sheets and brochures below provide more information on outdoor residential waste burning, why we are concerned about exposure to dioxins and other toxic air contaminants, and how we plan to reduce public exposure to these compounds from outdoor residential waste burning. The fact sheets and brochures are available in English or Spanish.

Fact Sheet - Backyard Household Waste Burning 

Hoja de Datos - Quema de Basura

Brochure - Burning Residential Waste 

Folleto - La Quema de Basura Residencial  

Fact Sheet - Residential Debris Burning