Composite Wood Products ATCM

This page last revised September 9, 2014

List of TPC-Exempt NAF/ULEF Manufacturers approved by CARB 

Company Name Product Type/Brand Names
Executive Order
SierraPine NAF/MDF N-13-001
Plummer Forest Products NAF/PB N-12-002
Jeld-Wen NAF/MDF N-13-003
Masonite PrimeBoard Incorporated NAF/PB N-13-004
Masonite Chile S.A. ULEF/MDF N-13-006
Masonite - Laurel ULEF/Thin MDF N-14-007
Columbia Forest Products-Old Fort NAF/HWPW N-13-008
Columbia Forest Products-Chatham NAF/HWPW N-13-009
Columbia Forest Products-Craigsville NAF/HWPW N-13-010
Columbia Forest Products-Hearst NAF/HWPW N-13-011
Columbia Forest Products-Klamath Falls NAF/HWPW N-13-012
Columbia Forest Products-St. Casimir NAF/HWPW N-13-013
Columbia Forest Products-Trumann NAF/HWPW N-13-014
Mannington Mills NAF/HWPW N-13-015
Wen An Xing Sheng Panel Factory NAF/HWPW N-13-016
West Pine MDF  NAF/MDF N-13-017
Fine Furniture (Shanghai) Limited NAF/HWPW-VC N-13-019
Boise Cascade
(Formerly Moncure Plywood LLC)
Temple Inland - Mount Jewett MDF NAF/MDF N-13-021
Temple Inland - Diboll Texas NAF/PB N-13-022
Masonite Intl. Corp-Megantic Manufacturing Plant NAF/HWPW-VC N-14-023
Custom Door Components ULEF/PB N-13-024
Wanhua Ecoboard Company, Limited  NAF/PB N-13-026
Joubert Plywood ULEF/HWPW-VC N-13-027
Wallace Wood Products, Incorporated NAF/HWPW-VC N-13-028
States Industries   NAF/HWPW-VC N-11-029A
Glunz, AG   NAF/MDF N-11-030A
UPM-Kymmene Wood Oy/Otepää ULEF/HWPW-VC N-14-031
UPM-Kymmene Wood Oy/Jyväskylä ULEF/HWPW-VC N-14-032
UPM-Kymmene Wood Oy/Chudovo ULEF/HWPW-VC N-14-033
Sklejka Eko S.A. ULEF/HWPW N-13-034
Uniboard Canada Inc. ULEF/PB N-14-035
Mount Baker Products, Inc. ULEF/HWPW N-12-036
Summit West Forest Products ULEF/HWPW N-12-037
Roseburg Forest Products
ULEF/HWPW N-14-038
Armstrong Wood Products - Somerset Plant ULEF/HWPW N-14-040
Timber Products Company, LLC Mill # 501 ULEF/HWPW-VC N-14-041
UPM-Kymmene Wood Oy/Pellosniemi ULEF/HWPW-VC N-14-044
Pro-Ply Custom Plywood, Incorporated NAF/HWPW-VC
Sklejka - Pisz S.A. ULEF/HWPW-VC N-14-047
Anderson Hardwood Floors, LLC NAF/HWPW N-12-048
Pro-Ply Custom Plywood, Incorporated ULEF/HWPW-CC
Perm Plywood Mill Company, Ltd ULEF/HWPW-VC Grade FSF N-14-051
Industrias del Tablero, S.A. (Intasa) NAF/MDF N-12-052
Alston, Inc. NAF/HWPW-VC N-12-053
Open Joint Company UST- Izhorsky Plywood Mill NAF/HWPW-Grade FSF N-14-054
Open Joint Company UST- Izhorsky Plywood Mill NAF/HWPW-Grade FK N-14-055
Perfecta Plywood Ltee NAF/HWPW-CC  N-12-056
Perfecta Plywood Ltee NAF/HWPW-VC  N-12-057A
Timber Products Company, LLC Mill# 501 ULEF/HWPW-CC N-14-058
Perfecta Plywood Ltee ULEF/HWPW-CC  N-12-059A
Perfecta Plywood Ltee ULEF/HWPW-VC  N-13-060
Panolam Industries International, Inc. ULEF/PB N-12-062A
Anderson Hardwood Floors, LLC ULEF/HWPW N-12-063
Flexible Materials, Inc. ULEF/HWPW-CC N-12-064
Mount Baker Products Incorporated NAF/HWPW-VC N-12-065
Linyi Sanfortune Wood Company, Ltd. ULEF/HWPW-VC N-12-066
Mount Baker Products Incorporated NAF/HWPW-CC N-12-067
Linyi Sanfortune Wood Company, Ltd. NAF/HWPW-VC N-12-068
Owl Hardwood Lumber and Plywood, Inc. ULEF/HWPW-CC N-12-069
Vyatsky Plywood Mill, Ltd. ULEF/HWPW N-14-073
Sonae Industria P.C.D.M., S.A. - Mangualde NAF/MDF, Thin MDF N-13-074
OJSC Fanplit
ULEF/HWPW-Grade FK N-14-075
Finaciera Maderera S.A. - Finsa Fibranor NAF/MDF N-12-079
Pfleiderer MDF Sp. Zo.o. ULEF/MDF N-12-081
Del-Tin Fiber, LLC NAF/MDF N-13-082
Collins Products, LLC
CJSC Krasnyi Yakor
Isao Seisakusho Company Limited
Isao Seisakusho Company Limited
Hokushin Company Limited (Hokushin)
(Formerly CraftMaster Manufacturing, Inc.)
(Formerly, CraftMaster Manufacturing, Inc.)
ULEF/tMDF N-13-090A
Open Joint Stock Company - Novator ULEF/HWPW-VC Grade FK N-13-091
Open Joint Stock Company - Novator ULEF/HWPW-VC Grade FSF N-13-092
Columbia Forest Products-Klamath FallsULEF/HWPWN-13-096
OAO FankomULEF/HWPW-VC FK GradeN-13-097
OAO FankomULEF/HWPW-VC FSF GradeN-13-098
QEP Indiana Veneer FacilityULEF/HWPW-VCN-14-099
Anderson Hardwood Floors LLCULEF/HWPW-CCN-13-101
Parfino Plywood Factory, Limited Liability Company,  (Formerly, Limited Liability CompanyTrading Hause Parfinsky Plywood Mill and Ilim PFK, LLC)ULEF/HWPW-VCN-13-103A
(Formerly, CraftMaster Manufacturing., Inc.)
Temple-Inland - Monroeville NAF/PBN-13-106
Clarion Industries/Clarion BoardsNAF/MDF, tMDFN-14-107
Syktyvkar Plywood Mill, Ltd.ULEF/HWPW-VCN-14-108
FANKOM Joint-Stock CompanyULEF/HWPW-VCN-14-109
E. Vigolungo S.p.A.ULEF/HWPW-VCN-14-110
Laminsa, S.A.ULEF/HWPW-VCN-12-111
Masonite International, Megantic Manufacturing Division ULEF/HWPW-VCN-14-112
North Carolina Plywood, LLC
(Formerly, Whiteville Plywood Inc.)
Husky PlywoodULEF/HWPW-CCN-14-114
Husky PlywoodULEF/HWPW-VCN-14-115
Husky PlywoodULEF/HWPW-VCN-14-116
Piotrkowskie Zaklady Przemyslu Sklejek Sp. z.o.o.ULEF/HWPW-VCN-14-117
Uniboard CanadaNAF/MDFN-14-118
Florida Plywoods, Inc.ULEF/HWPW-CCN-14-119
Commonwealth Plywood, Inc.NAF/HWPW-VCN-14-120
Commonwealth Plywood, Inc.ULEF/HWPW-VCN-14-121
Tafisa Canada, IncULEF/PBN-14-122
Collins Products, LLCNAF/PBN-14-123
Latvijas Finieris AS, mill LignumsULEF/HWPW-VCN-12-124
Metsaliitto Cooperative, Metsa WoodULEF/HWPW-VCN-14-125
Flakeboard CompanyULEF/tMDFN-14-126
Murphy Company  ULEF/HWPW-VCN-12-127
Murphy Company ULEF/HWPW-CCN-12-128
Darlington Veneer CompanyULEF/HWPW-VCN-12-129
Darlington Veneer CompanyULEF/HWPW-CCN-12-130
Rehrig Pacific LogisticsNAF/PBN-12-131
Flakeboard Company Ltd.ULEF/MDFN-12-132
Unilin US MDFNAF/MDF, tMDFN-12-133
Timber Products Co. NAF/PBN-12-134
Timber Products Co.NAF/PBN-12-135
Timber Products Co.NAF/PBN-12-136
Shaw Industries Group, Inc.ULEF/HWPW-CCN-12-137
Xuzhou Weilin Wood Co., Ltd.NAF/HWPW-VCN-12-138
Flakeboard Company Ltd.ULEF/PBN-12-139
Flakeboard Company Ltd. (Malvern)ULEF/MDFN-12-140
Flakeboard AmericaULEF/PBN-13-141
FANKOM Joint-Stock CompanyULEF/HWPW-VCN-14-142
SierraPine, Ltd. - MartellNAF/PBN-13-143A
Flakeboard Company (Bennettsville)ULEF/MDFN-13-145
Ngreen Residential EnvironmentalNAF/HWPW-VCN-13-146
Flakeboard Company
(Carolina PB)
SierraPine, Ltd., Adel ParticleboardNAF/PBN-13-148A
Roseburg TaylorsvilleULEF/PBN-13-149
Howell Plywood CorporationULEF/HWPW-VCN-13-150
Flakeboard Company, Ltd.
(St. Stephan) 
Linyi Yinhe Wood Factory
(formerly Yinhe Machinery Chemical Limited Company of Shandong Province)
Linyi Yinhe Wood Factory
(formerly Yinhe Machinery Chemical Limited Company of Shandong Province)
Agristrand Mankato, LLCNAF/PBN-13-154
Roseburg - DillardULEF/PBN-13-155
Uniboard Canada - Sayabec PlantULEF/PBN-13-156
Roseburg- Missoula (Montana)ULEF/PBN-13-157
Dongwha Patinna NZ LimitedULEF/MDFN-13-158
Uniboard Canada - Sayabec PlantULEF/PBN-13-159
P.T. Kayu Lapis Indonesia ULEF/HWPW-VCN-13-160
Linyi City Dongfang JinxinNAF/HWPW-VCN-13-161
Flakeboard Company, Ltd.ULEF/PBN-13-162
Plyterra, JSCULEF/HWPW-VCN-13-163
Sklejka Eko S.A.ULEF/HWPW-VCN-13-164
Boise CascadeULEF/PBN-13-166
Flakeboard Company, Ltd. ULEF/MDFN-13-167
Flakeboard America, Ltd.
(Albany, OR)
Tafisa Canada, Inc.ULEF/PBN-13-169A
Shenzhenshi Huanwei Woods Co., Ltd.NAF/HWPW-VCN-13-171
Koskisen OYULEF/HWPW-VCN-13-172
Marion Plywood Corporation NAF/HWPW-VCN-13-173
Mullican Flooring ULEF/HWPW-VCN-14-174
UPM-Kymmene Wood Oy NAF/HWPW-VCN-14-175
Armstrong Wood ProductsULEF/HWPW-VCN-14-176
Spanolux S.A.NAF/MDFN-14-177
Linyi City Dongfang Jinxin Economic & Trade Co., Ltd.ULEF/HWPW-VCN-14-178
Foresco Co., Ltd.NAF/MDFN-14-179
Flakeboard America, Ltd. ULEF/PBN-14-181
States Industries, LLCULEF/HWPW-CCN-14-184
Linyi Huasheng Yongbin Wood Corp.NAF/HWPW-VCN-14-186
Columbia Forest Products -
Old Fort
Columbia Forest Products - TrumannULEF/HWPW-CCN-14-188
Columbia Forest Products - HearstULEF/HWPW-CCN-14-189
Panguaneta Spa.NAF/HWPW-VCN-14-191
Uniboard Canada - Sayabac PlantNAF/PBN-14-192
Guangdong Honhung Wood Industry Co., Ltd. NAF/MDF, thinMDFN-14-193
Medite Europe LimitedNAF/MDFN-14-194

For more information, please contact  Ms. Angela Csondes at (916) 445-4448, or Ms. Layla Gonzalez, at (916) 324-0354.