Composite Wood Products ATCM

This page last revised April 9, 2014

List of TPC-Exempt NAF/ULEF Manufacturers approved by CARB 

Company Name Product Type/Brand Names
Executive Order
SierraPine NAF/MDF N-13-001
Plummer Forest Products NAF/PB N-12-002
Jeld-Wen NAF/MDF N-13-003
Masonite PrimeBoard Incorporated NAF/PB N-13-004
Masonite Chile S.A. ULEF/MDF N-13-006
Masonite - Laurel ULEF/Thin MDF N-12-007
Columbia Forest Products-Old Fort NAF/HWPW N-13-008
Columbia Forest Products-Chatham NAF/HWPW N-13-009
Columbia Forest Products-Craigsville NAF/HWPW N-13-010
Columbia Forest Products-Hearst NAF/HWPW N-13-011
Columbia Forest Products-Klamath Falls NAF/HWPW N-13-012
Columbia Forest Products-St. Casimir NAF/HWPW N-13-013
Columbia Forest Products-Trumann NAF/HWPW N-13-014
Mannington Mills NAF/HWPW N-13-015
Wen An Xing Sheng Panel Factory NAF/HWPW N-13-016
West Pine MDF  NAF/MDF N-13-017
Fine Furniture (Shanghai) Limited NAF/HWPW-VC N-13-019
Boise Cascade
(Formerly Moncure Plywood LLC)
Temple Inland - Mount Jewett MDF NAF/MDF N-13-021
Temple Inland - Diboll Texas NAF/PB N-13-022
Masonite Intl. Corp-Megantic Manufacturing Plant NAF/HWPW-VC N-11-023
Custom Door Components ULEF/PB N-13-024
Wanhua Ecoboard Company, Limited  NAF/PB N-13-026
Joubert Plywood ULEF/HWPW-VC N-13-027
Wallace Wood Products, Incorporated NAF/HWPW-VC N-13-028
States Industries   NAF/HWPW-VC N-11-029A
Glunz, AG   NAF/MDF N-11-030A
UPM-Kymmene Wood Oy/Otepää ULEF/HWPW-VC N-14-031
UPM-Kymmene Wood Oy/Jyväskylä ULEF/HWPW-VC N-14-032
UPM-Kymmene Wood Oy/Chudovo ULEF/HWPW-VC N-14-033
Sklejka Eko S.A. ULEF/HWPW N-13-034
Uniboard Canada Inc. ULEF/PB N-14-035
Mount Baker Products, Inc. ULEF/HWPW N-12-036
Summit West Forest Products ULEF/HWPW N-12-037
Roseburg Forest Products
ULEF/HWPW N-12-038
Armstrong Wood Products - Somerset Plant ULEF/HWPW N-12-040
Timber Products Company, LLC Mill # 501 ULEF/HWPW-VC N-14-041
UPM-Kymmene Wood Oy/Pellosniemi ULEF/HWPW-VC N-12-044
Pro-Ply Custom Plywood, Incorporated NAF/HWPW-VC
Sklejka - Pisz S.A. ULEF/HWPW-VC N-12-047
Anderson Hardwood Floors, LLC NAF/HWPW N-12-048
Pro-Ply Custom Plywood, Incorporated ULEF/HWPW-CC
Perm Plywood Mill Company, Ltd ULEF/HWPW-VC Grade FSF N-12-051A
Industrias del Tablero, S.A. (Intasa) NAF/MDF N-12-052
Alston, Inc. NAF/HWPW-VC N-12-053
Open Joint Company UST- Izhorsky Plywood Mill NAF/HWPW-Grade FSF N-12-054
Open Joint Company UST- Izhorsky Plywood Mill NAF/HWPW-Grade FK N-12-055
Perfecta Plywood Ltee NAF/HWPW-CC  N-12-056
Perfecta Plywood Ltee NAF/HWPW-VC  N-12-057A
Timber Products Company, LLC Mill# 501 ULEF/HWPW-CC N-14-058
Perfecta Plywood Ltee ULEF/HWPW-CC  N-12-059A
Perfecta Plywood Ltee ULEF/HWPW-VC  N-13-060
Panolam Industries International, Inc. ULEF/PB N-12-062A
Anderson Hardwood Floors, LLC ULEF/HWPW N-12-063
Flexible Materials, Inc. ULEF/HWPW-CC N-12-064
Mount Baker Products Incorporated NAF/HWPW-VC N-12-065
Linyi Sanfortune Wood Company, Ltd. ULEF/HWPW-VC N-12-066
Mount Baker Products Incorporated NAF/HWPW-CC N-12-067
Linyi Sanfortune Wood Company, Ltd. NAF/HWPW-VC N-12-068
Owl Hardwood Lumber and Plywood, Inc. ULEF/HWPW-CC N-12-069
Vyatsky Plywood Mill, Ltd. ULEF/HWPW N-12-073
Sonae Industria P.C.D.M., S.A. - Mangualde NAF/MDF, Thin MDF N-13-074
OJSC Fanplit
ULEF/HWPW-Grade FK N-12-075
Finaciera Maderera S.A. - Finsa Fibranor NAF/MDF N-12-079
Pfleiderer MDF Sp. Zo.o. ULEF/MDF N-12-081
Del-Tin Fiber, LLC NAF/MDF N-13-082
Collins Products, LLC
CJSC Krasnyi Yakor
Isao Seisakusho Company Limited
Isao Seisakusho Company Limited
Hokushin Company Limited (Hokushin)
(Formerly CraftMaster Manufacturing, Inc.)
(Formerly, CraftMaster Manufacturing, Inc.)
ULEF/tMDF N-13-090A
Open Joint Stock Company - Novator ULEF/HWPW-VC Grade FK N-13-091
Open Joint Stock Company - Novator ULEF/HWPW-VC Grade FSF N-13-092
Columbia Forest Products-Klamath FallsULEF/HWPWN-13-096
OAO FankomULEF/HWPW-VC FK GradeN-13-097
OAO FankomULEF/HWPW-VC FSF GradeN-13-098
Anderson Hardwood Floors LLCULEF/HWPW-CCN-13-101
Limited Liability Company, Trading Hause Parfinsky Plywood Mill (Formerly, Ilim PFK, LLC)ULEF/HWPW-VCN-11-103A
(Formerly, CraftMaster Manufacturing., Inc.)
Temple-Inland - Monroeville NAF/PBN-13-106
Clarion Industries/Clarion BoardsNAF/MDF, tMDFN-14-107
Syktyvkar Plywood Mill, Ltd.ULEF/HWPW-VCN-14-108
FANKOM Joint-Stock CompanyULEF/HWPW-VCN-14-109
E. Vigolungo S.p.A.ULEF/HWPW-VCN-14-110
Laminsa, S.A.ULEF/HWPW-VCN-12-111
Masonite International, Megantic Manufacturing Division ULEF/HWPW-VCN-12-112
North Carolina Plywood, LLC
(Formerly, Whiteville Plywood Inc.)
Husky PlywoodULEF/HWPW-CCN-12-114
Husky PlywoodULEF/HWPW-VCN-12-115
Husky PlywoodULEF/HWPW-VCN-12-116
Piotrkowskie Zaklady Przemyslu Sklejek Sp. z.o.o.ULEF/HWPW-VCN-12-117
Uniboard CanadaNAF/MDFN-12-118
Florida Plywoods, Inc.ULEF/HWPW-CCN-12-119
Commonwealth Plywood, Inc.NAF/HWPW-VCN-12-120
Commonwealth Plywood, Inc.ULEF/HWPW-VCN-12-121
Tafisa Canada, IncULEF/PBN-12-122
Collins Products, LLCNAF/PBN-12-123
Latvijas Finieris AS, mill LignumsULEF/HWPW-VCN-12-124
Metsaliitto Cooperative, Metsa WoodULEF/HWPW-VCN-12-125
Flakeboard CompanyULEF/tMDFN-12-126A
Murphy Company  ULEF/HWPW-VCN-12-127
Murphy Company ULEF/HWPW-CCN-12-128
Darlington Veneer CompanyULEF/HWPW-VCN-12-129
Darlington Veneer CompanyULEF/HWPW-CCN-12-130
Rehrig Pacific LogisticsNAF/PBN-12-131
Flakeboard Company Ltd.ULEF/MDFN-12-132
Unilin US MDFNAF/MDF, tMDFN-12-133
Timber Products Co. NAF/PBN-12-134
Timber Products Co.NAF/PBN-12-135
Timber Products Co.NAF/PBN-12-136
Shaw Industries Group, Inc.ULEF/HWPW-CCN-12-137
Xuzhou Weilin Wood Co., Ltd.NAF/HWPW-VCN-12-138
Flakeboard Company Ltd.ULEF/PBN-12-139
Flakeboard Company Ltd. (Malvern)ULEF/MDFN-12-140
Flakeboard AmericaULEF/PBN-13-141
FANKOM Joint-Stock CompanyULEF/HWPW-VCN-13-142
SierraPine, Ltd. - MartellNAF/PBN-13-143A
Flakeboard Company (Bennettsville)ULEF/MDFN-13-145
Ngreen Residential EnvironmentalNAF/HWPW-VCN-13-146
Flakeboard Company
(Carolina PB)
SierraPine, Ltd., Adel ParticleboardNAF/PBN-13-148A
Roseburg TaylorsvilleULEF/PBN-13-149
Howell Plywood CorporationULEF/HWPW-VCN-13-150
Flakeboard Company, Ltd.
(St. Stephan) 
Yinhe Machinery Chemical Limited Company of Shandong ProvinceNAF/HWPW-VCN-13-152
Yinhe Machinery Chemical Limited Company of Shandong ProvinceULEF/HWPW-VCN-13-153
Agristrand Mankato, LLCNAF/PBN-13-154
Roseburg - DillardULEF/PBN-13-155
Uniboard Canada - Sayabec PlantULEF/PBN-13-156
Roseburg- Missoula (Montana)ULEF/PBN-13-157
Dongwha Patinna NZ LimitedULEF/MDFN-13-158
Uniboard Canada - Sayabec PlantULEF/PBN-13-159
P.T. Kayu Lapis Indonesia ULEF/HWPW-VCN-13-160
Linyi City Dongfang JinxinNAF/HWPW-VCN-13-161
Flakeboard Company, Ltd.ULEF/PBN-13-162
Plyterra, JSCULEF/HWPW-VCN-13-163
Sklejka Eko S.A.ULEF/HWPW-VCN-13-164
Boise CascadeULEF/PBN-13-166
Flakeboard Company, Ltd. ULEF/MDFN-13-167
Flakeboard America, Ltd.
(Albany, OR)
Tafisa Canada, Inc.ULEF/PBN-13-169
Shenzhenshi Huanwei Woods Co., Ltd.NAF/HWPW-VCN-13-171
Koskisen OYULEF/HWPW-VCN-13-172
Marion Plywood Corporation NAF/HWPW-VCN-13-173
Mullican Flooring ULEF/HWPW-VCN-14-174
UPM-Kymmene Wood Oy NAF/HWPW-VCN-14-175
Armstrong Wood ProductsULEF/HWPW-VCN-14-176
Linyi City Dongfang Jinxin Economic & Trade Co., Ltd.ULEF/HWPW-VCN-14-178
Foresco Co., Ltd.NAF/MDFN-14-179
Flakeboard America, Ltd. ULEF/PBN-14-181
States Industries, LLCULEF/HWPW-CCN-14-184

For more information, please contact  Ms. Angela Csondes at (916) 445-4448, or Ms. Layla Gonzalez, at (916) 324-0354.