Environmental Tobacco Smoke Information

This page last reviewed June 26, 2012

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This page provides information on Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS), also known as Secondhand Smoke (SHS). Here you will find links to summary information on exposure to ETS and potential health effects. If you have any questions, please contact Robert Krieger at (916) 323-1202. Information on this page will be updated regularly.


National Cancer Institute Q & A Sheet

Provides information on ETS, its health effects and how exposure to ETS is being reduced.

Environmental Protection Agency

ETS as a carcinogen, the health risks and select studies done to date.

Mayo Clinic Article

Explains the dangers of ETS, including what chemicals are in it.

Tobacco Control and Prevention Program

Los Angeles County Department of Health Services: flyer on ETS and its health effects.


California Department of Health Services

New data and anti-smoking ads highlight dangers of drifting secondhand smoke in apartments, affecting diverse populations


OEHHA Pamphlet on ETS and Children

Brochure explaining ETS health effects on children (English and Spanish).

 National Cancer Institute News Article

ETS linked to lung cancer and other health effects.

 Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights

The Science of Secondhand Smoke

University of California, Davis

ETS harmful to infants lungs

 Environmental Protection Agency Brochure

Secondhand Tobacco Smoke and Your Family


Tobacco Control Laws 

Provides information on state legislated actions on tobacco issues 

 California Smoke-Free Workplace Act

Provides links to fact sheets and articles on this law and its enforcement

 OC Register

Irvine Bans Smoking in Parks

 Zagat Restaurant Survey

 More Evidence that New York City's Smoke-Free Law Is Not Hurting Business


U.S. Dept of Housing and Urban Development Smoke Free Housing ToolsToolkit to help federally assisted housing managers adopt smoke free policies

 Smoke-Free Environments Law Project

Power-Point Presentations on Smoke-Free Environments Issues 

Secondhand Smoke and Casinos

Fact sheet on the health effects and public impact of smoking in casinos 

In Your Workplace

Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights information sheet on smoke exposure in the workplace 

Smoke-Free Housing

Website on smoke-free housing options

Smoke-Free Home Pledge

Follow this link to take the "Smoke-Free Home Pledge"

Need Help Quitting?

American Lung Association's on-line quitting program
Smokefree Housing Model Ordinance This link contains a model ordinance to help California cities and counties limit exposure to SHS in multi-unit residences.


2006 Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment Memorandum

Provides information on ETS as a Toxic Air Contaminant (TAC) that may be especially harmful to infants and children, including a link to the 2006 OEHHA report

News Release: ETS identified as a Toxic Air Contaminant

News Release issued by the California Air Resources Board informing the public of its decision to add secondhand smoke to its list of toxic air contaminants

2005 California Air Resources Board Report

Contains links to the full 2005 report proposing the identification of ETS as a TAC in addition to public comments and public hearing notices

2006 Surgeon General Report

The Health Consequences of Involuntary Exposure to Secondhand Smoke

Environmental Health Perspectives

Trends in the Exposure of Nonsmokers in the U.S. Population to Secondhand Smoke: 1988 - 2002