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2006 Vapor Recovery Archive


November 14, 2006 In-Station Diagnostics Public Meeting
- Meeting Agenda
- Meeting Notice

Recommended ISD Enforcement Policy

- ISD Overview and Cost-Effectiveness
- ISD In-Use Evaluation and Advisory
- ISD Enforcement Policy
- District Experience with ISD Systems
- Veeder-Root ISD Overview

Phase II Balance System Challenge Mode Study
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Public Workshop to Discuss Enhanced Vapor Recovery for Aboveground Storage Tanks, September 27, 2006
- Workshop Notice PDF (28K)
- Workshop Agenda PDF (6K)
- Workshop Presentation Powerpoint (11,919K)

Clarification Letter to E85-Compatible Vapor Recovery Equipment Manufacturers PDF (205K)

E-85 Compatible Components List PDF (26K)

200 and 100 Car Matrix for 2006 PDF (24K)

Updated ORVR Penetration Calculations for 2006 (PDF 70K)

Alternative P/V Valve Testing Approach (June 20, 2006 Letter - PDF 148K)
Request for Comments Extended to August 15, 2006.

In-Station Diagnostics Cost Survey
ISD Cost Survey Cover Letter (PDF 48K)
Plan for ISD Cost-Effectiveness Review (PDF 17K)
ISD Cost Survey (PDF 66K)

E85-Compatible Vapor Recovery Equipment Letter
(PDF 53K) ISD In-Use Evaluation Draft Protocol (Rev. 05/01/06)
(PDF 551K)

TriTester Version 2.01 Approval Letter (PDF 70K)
Approved for use with Exhibit 5 test procedure of Executive Order VR-201 and VR-202 series

EVR System Installer/Contractor Training Plan Guidelines
- Phase I System PDF (19K)
- Phase II System PDF (28K)

Balance Station Challenge Test
Results from tests on three prototype EVR balance systems indicate that processors will be needed to meet EVR UST pressure criteria (section 4.6 of CP-201).
- Balance Challenge Test Results - 4/18/06 Presentation (PDF 222K)
- Balance Challenge Test Report - Available in July 2006
- Test Protocol  (PDF 24K)

Rulemaking Documents for CP-201 amendments and Proposed Adoption of P/V Valve Test Procedure (May 25, 2006 Board Hearing)

Plan for ISD Cost-Effectiveness Review (Rev. 03/24/06)
(PDF 17K)

ISD In-Use Evaluation Draft Protocol (Rev. 02/16/06)
(PDF 510K)

E85 Workshop, February 2, 2006
- Workshop Notice (PDF 52K)
- Draft Agenda (PDF 13K)
- Presentations (PDF 24K)

Vapor Recovery Program