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2008 Vapor Recovery Archive

November 2008 Report: Progress Towards April 2009 Deadline for Enhanced Vapor Recovery Phase II Systems 

In-Station Diagnostic Evaluation Field Study Report
Comments due December 1, 2008 to Fred Medina
Draft Report October 31, 2008
Appendices for Report

ARB Study of ORVR Vehicle Emissions 
Measurement of Gasoline Vapor Emissions from Vehicles Equipped with On-Board Vapor Recovery, July, 2008
Appendices for Report

Proposed Operator Actions for Veeder-Root ISD Alarms
Comment Period Extended to September 3, 2008  

EVR Progress Report Presentation at June Board Meeting

May 14, 2008 EVR Meeting in Sacramento
Meeting Notice
Meeting Agenda
Parking Map

April 22, 2008 Sacramento County EVR Permitting Workshop
Workshop Notice
Workshop Agenda

Progress Towards April 2009 Deadline for EVR Phase II Systems
Staff Report

April 2 EVR Outreach in City of Riverside
Meeting Notice
Meeting Agenda

February 20, 2008 E85 ORVR Fleet Letter to APCOs


Miles Traveled by ORVR Vehicles

Presentation from February 14, 2008 SCAQMD EVR Conference Now Available

Vapor Recovery Program