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Executive Order G-70-165

This page updated April 20, 1995.


Executive Order G-70-165
Certification of the Healy Vacuum Assist Phase II Vapor Recovery System (PDF Format 3,170K)
The above document is also available below in it's 13 subparts:
Legal Language (PDF Format 351K)
Healy Model 600 System Equipment List (PDF Format 88K)
Specifications for the Healy Model 600 ORVR Nozzle System (PDF Format 643K)   
  • Exhibit 2 Figures
Typical Installation of the Phase II Vapor Recovery System with Two-Point Phase I System (PDF Format 488K)
2000C Vacuum Blower (PDF Format 56K)
VP-500c Vane Pump (PDF Format 55K)
VP-500 Vane Pump (PDF Format 92K)
9000 Mini-Jet (PDF Format 85K)
Healy 600 Nozzle (PDF Format 47K)
Static Pressure Integrity Test Underground Storage Tanks, Table 3-1 and Form 3-1 (PDF Format 868K)
Vapor Return Line Vacuum Integrity Test for the Healy Model 600 System (PDF Format 232K)
  • Exhibit 4 Figures
VP-500 Vane Pump (PDF Format 93K)
9000 Mini-Jet (PDF Format 87K)

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