Executive Order VR-204-D

This page updated March 10, 2009

Executive Order VR-204-D

VST Phase II Enhanced Vapor Recovery System Including In-Station Diagnostics (ISD) Full VR-204-D Download [PDF - 2.7MB]

Legal Document
Equipment List
System Specifications
Performance Standards and Specifications
Required Items in Conducting TP-201.3
Liquid Removal Test Procedure
VST ECS Hydrocarbon Sensor Verification Test Procedure
Vapor Pressure Sensor Verification Test Prodecure
Determination of VST ECS Processor Activation Pressure
Nozzle Bag Test Procedure
Veeder-Root Vapor Polisher Operability Test Procedure
Veeder-Root Vapor Polisher Hydrocarbon Emissions Verification Test Prodecure
ISD Vapor Flow Meter Operability Test Procedure

Installation, Operaton and Maintenance Manual (IOM)

Full IOM VR-204-D Download [PDF - 10.8MB]

About VST
Table of Terms and Abbreviations
VST Contractor Requirements
System Components
Overview: EVR Balance Total System
Daily Inspections
Annual Inspections and Replacements
ISD Alarm Troubleshooting Summary
Drive-Offs and Customer Abuse
Nozzle Installation
Nozzle Repair Kit
Hose Installations
Breakaway Device Installation
VST ECS Membrane Processor Installation
VST ECS Membrane Processor Operation, Maintenance and Start-Up Manual
Veeder-Root ISD Installation Manual
Veeder-Root Pressure Sensor Installation Guide
Veeder-Root Carbon Canister Vapor Polisher Installation
Veeder-Root ISD Vapor Flow Meter Installation Guide

Modification Highlights

The superseded version of the above document can be found by clicking on the link below:

VST Hanging Hardware Compatibility Approval Letter #07-09
November 27, 2007 letter to Vapor Systems Technologies approving VST's
EVR hanging hardward as replacement components on Pre-EVR balance vapor recovery systems.

TriTester Use for Executive Order VR-204-C
August 8, 2008 letter to Triangle Environmental, Incorporated regarding TriTester use for Exhibit 11 of Executive Order (EO) VR-204-C. Note: This is applicable to Exhibit 13 of EO VR-204-D and sequent.