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Proposed Vapor Recovery Compliance Test Procedure
TP 201.6-C: Determination of Liquid Removal Rate

Workshop Presentation
June 20, 2001

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Table of Contents

Proposed Vapor Recovery Compliance Test Procedure TP 201.6-C: Determination of Liquid Removal Rate

Presentation Outline


When Are Liquid Removal Devices Required?

Hose-Based Liquid Removal

Hose Based Liquid Removal Systems

Performance Standard

Common Problems Associated with Liquid Removal Devices

PPT Slide

Compliance Issues with Existing Liquid Removal Test Procedure

Proposed Solution

Summary of Proposed Compliance Procedure

Proposed Nozzle Orientation

Advantages of Proposed Compliance Procedure

Conclusion / Questions?

Author: Lou Dinkler

Phone: (916) 445-9335


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