(Adopted 6/27/1977, readopted 10/23/1978)

A. Definitions

Definitions used shall be those given in 40 CFR, Part 51, or equivalent definitions established by mutual agreement of the District, the California Air Resources Board, and Federal Environmental Protection Agency.

B. Exemptions

Exemptions may be granted to sources:

  1. Complying with new source performance standards promulgated under 40 CFR Part 60 pursuant to Section III of the Clean Air Act; or
  2. Not subject to an applicable emission standard of the State Implementation Plan; or
  3. Scheduled for retirement within five (5) years if written evidence and guarantees are provided.
  4. Methods, specifications and standards deemed equivalent by the District, the California Air Resources Board and the Federal Environmental Protection Agency may be substituted for those specified for data reduction, monitoring systems, calibration gas, cycling times and equipment performance specifications.

C. Requirements

D. Discontinuance of In-Stack Monitoring

The Control Officer may consent to the discontinuance of the monitoring system when it appears that the reasons for monitoring no longer exist.

E. Appeals to Hearing Board

Within thirty (30) days after receiving notice to install in-stack monitoring system, or at any time after monitoring starts, the owner or operator may request the Hearing Board to determine whether the conditions of C.1 and C.2 exist, the equipment required is appropriate; and the terms and conditions of operation are appropriate. The Control Officer's notice to install shall be suspended until decision by the Hearing Board.

F. Records Maintenance

Owners or operators subject to this Rule shall maintain, for a period of at least two years:

G. Reporting Requirements

Owners or operators subject to this Rule shall:

H. Data Reporting Criteria Guidelines

I. Instrumentation

Instrumentation required under this Rule shall meet the requirements of the sections below. In the event of conflicting requirements or standards, the strictest or most rigorous requirement shall be followed.


Parameter Specification
Accuracy* 20% of the mean value of the reference method test data
Calibration Error* 5% of each (50%, 90%) calibration gas mixture value
Zero Drift (2 hour)* 2% of span
Zero Drift (24 hour) 2% of span
Calibration Drift (2 hour)* 2% of span
Calibration Drift (24 hour)* 2.5% of span
Response Time