(Adopted 3/24/1974, revised 8/1975, readopted 10/23/1978 and 6/15/1981)

Stationary source curtailment plans and traffic abatement plans shall be prepared by business, commercial, industrial and governmental establishments in the Santa Barbara Air Quality Management Area as follows:

A. Stationary Source Curtailment Plans

B. Traffic Abatement Plan

C. Availability of Plans for Inspection

A copy of the stationary source curtailment and/or traffic abatement plans approved in accordance with the provisions of this Rule shall be on file and readily available on the premises to any person authorized to enforce the provisions of this Rule.

D. Time Schedule for Initiation of Plans

E. Every plan submitted in accordance with the provisions of this Rule shall demonstrate to the Control Officer that the plan will, in the event of a prediction or occurrence of a second- or third- stage episode, effectively reduce or eliminate emissions of air contaminants as delineated in the actions described at Stage 2 and Stage 3.

F. The Control Officer shall prepare appropriate plans to be made effective and action to be taken in respect to a first-, second- or third-stage episode as delineated in Rule 602.E, F and G. Such plans shall effect a decrease or prevent an increase of the air contaminants which occasioned the first-, second- or third-stage episode to protect the health of all persons within the areas affected. It shall be the objective of such plans that they curtail motor vehicle tra