(Adopted April 7, 1978)(Amended February 2, 1979)(Amended June 3, 1983)(Amended July 10, 1992)

  1. By Parties. Motions, briefs, notices, testimony, exhibits, and all other papers when filed or tendered to the Clerk of the District Board for filing in proceedings pending before the District Board, shall certify service thereof upon each person designated on the official service list compiled by said Clerk in accordance with subdivision (b) of this rule. Such service shall be made by delivering in person or by mailing, properly addressed with postage prepaid, one copy to each such person.

  2. Persons Entitled to Service. The initial document, pleading, or communication filed by any person in any proceeding before the District Board shall specifically designate on the first page thereof the name and post office address of the persons upon who service of pleadings, documents, or communications shall be made. If a participant is represented by an attorney or other qualified representative, the name and address of the representative may also be designated for service, but in no event shall a participant be entitled to receive service on more than two persons in any one proceeding. There shall be one official service list for each proceeding. It shall be compiled by the Clerk of the District Board from the persons specifically designated in the initial pleading, document, or communication filed by each participant in that proceeding. If counsel or other qualified representative is changed, the participant shall designate the name and address of the substitute by serving written notice on the Clerk of the District Board and all persons on the service list. Copies of the official service list may be obtained from the Clerk of the District Board.

  3. Date of Service. The date of service shall be the day when the matter served is deposited in the United States mail, or is delivered in person, as the case may be.

  4. Certificate of Service. There shall accompany and be attached to the original of each pleading, document, or other paper filed with the Clerk of the District Board, when service is required to be made by the parties, a certificate of service.

  5. Time and Place of Filing. Unless otherwise directed, all documents shall be filed with the Clerk of the District Board, 21865 E. Copley Drive, Diamond Bar, California 91765. A document accepted for filing is considered to be filed on the date it is received by the Clerk of the District Board.

  6. Computation of Time. The time within which any document may be filed, as provided by any rule or statute or direction of the District Board, or the presiding officer, shall be so computed as to exclude the first day and include the last day; provided, that when the last day of any such period falls on Saturday, Sunday or a holiday under the laws of this State, the computation of the time shall omit such day and include the first business day thereafter.