Corrective Action Notification

Updated March 16, 2016

The implementation of a comprehensive corrective action system throughout ARB’s PQAO has been identified by ARB and U.S. EPA as an essential component for improving the quality of air monitoring data and facilitating continuous process improvement. To meet this need, ARB’s Quality Management Branch (QMB) developed the Corrective Action Notification (CAN) process. The objective of the CAN process is to document, investigate, correct, and reduce the recurrence of air monitoring issues that impact or potentially impact data quality, completeness, storage or reporting. The goal of the CAN process is to improve data quality and ensure compliance with State, federal, and local requirements.

The CAN process may be initiated by any person in ARB’s PQAO who identifies an air monitoring issue that impacts or may impact the quality of air monitoring data. Examples of issues include site monitoring conditions outside of specifications or requirements, out of date calibration gas standards, incomplete chain-of-custody forms, laboratory parameters outside of specifications, late AQS upload, etc. The responsible organization is expected to investigate the issue and implement appropriate corrective action to resolve the issue and prevent recurrence. A copy of the completed CAN form including the corresponding corrective action is submitted to the QMB for review. Once the QMB and responsible organization have worked together to implement appropriate corrective action, a CAN closure letter will be sent by the QMB to the responsible organization.

The QMB will maintain a database that tracks the CAN process and helps identify process related issues. The QMB will ensure that all issues have been resolved and that appropriate action was taken. The ARB will summarize all data quality issues identified through the CAN process in an annual data report.

The CAN process will help ensure the data collected within ARB’s PQAO is scientifically and legally valid and meets the requirements for which it is intended. Monitoring organizations within ARB’s PQAO are encouraged to adopt this process. If a monitoring organization chooses to use an alternative process, the monitoring organization must submit the process to ARB for review and approval.

For further information contact: Michael Miguel, Chief, Quality Management Branch