Air Monitoring Quality Assurance Manual

This page last reviewed September 19, 2013

Air Monitoring Quality Assurance Manual
Volume I: Quality Management Plan

This Quality Management Plan (QMP) describes the quality management system used by ARB and participating local air monitoring organizations that comprise ARB's PQAO.  ARB is committed to ensuring that air monitoring data collected by and on behalf of its PQAO is scientifically and legally valid and of sufficient quantity and quality to meet or exceed all applicable requirements.  All air monitoring measurement activities performed by staff within ARB, by participating monitoring organizations in ARB's PQAO, or performed on behalf of ARB shall comply with the quality assurance policies and procedures specified in this QMP.  If a monitoring organization within ARB's PQAO chooses to utilize its own QMP, prior written approval shall be obtained concurrently and collaboratively from ARB and U.S. EPA.

For further information contact: Michael Miguel, Chief, Quality Management Branch at (916) 322-0960