Air Monitoring Quality Assurance Manual

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Air Monitoring Quality Assurance Manual
Volume IV: Ozone Monitoring Methods

Appendix A to Title 17 (Section 70100.1) provides the definition of pollutant and monitoring methods for the pollutants. The method for determining compliance with the ozone ambient air quality standard shall be the Federal Equivalent Method for the Determination of Ozone in the Atmosphere (40 CFR, part 53).

California Approved Samplers for ozone are set forth in "Air Monitoring Quality Assurance (QA) Manual Volume IV, Part C: Monitoring Methods for Ozone." Samplers, methods, or instruments determined in writing by the Air Resources Board or the Executive Officer to produce equivalent results for ozone shall also be California Approved Samplers for ozone.

Included below is Appendix A to Title 17 (Section 70100.1), with Part C of QA Manual Volume IV (list of ozone analyzers), and Chapter 6 (Measurement of Ozone) of the technical support document (Review of California Ambient Air Quality Standards for Ozone, October 27, 2005).

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California Approved Samplers for Ozone
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Title Last
Appendix A Proposed Amendments to California Code of Regulations - Title 17, Section 70100.1 01/20/2006 36 KB
Part C List of Ozone Analyzers (CAS) 01/20/2006 8 KB
Technical Support Document on Measurement of Ozone
Chapter 6 Measurement of Ozone 03/19/2003 26 KB