Air Monitoring Quality Assurance Manual

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Air Monitoring Quality Assurance Manual


Appendix A to Title 17 (Section 70100.1) provides the definition of pollutant and monitoring methods for the pollutants.  The method for determining compliance with the State PM10 and PM2.5 ambient air quality standards shall be the Federal Reference Method for the Determination of Particulate Matter as PM10 in the Atmosphere (40 CFR, Chapter 1, part 50, Appendix M, as published in 62 Fed. Reg., 38753, July 18, 1997) and as PM2.5 (40 CFR, Chapter 1, part 50, Appendix L, as published in 62 Fed. Reg., 38714, July 18, 1997 and as amended in 64 Fed. Reg., 19717, April 22, 1999). The PM2.5 samplers listed in the Federal Reference Method must use either the WINS impactor or the U.S. EPA-approved very sharp cut cyclone (67 Fed. Reg., 15566, April 2, 2002) to separate PM2.5 from PM10.

California Approved Samplers for PM10 and PM2.5 are set forth in "Air Monitoring Quality Assurance (QA) Manual Volume IV, Part A (Monitoring Methods for PM10) and Part B (Monitoring Methods for PM2.5), which is incorporated by reference herein.  Samplers, methods, or instruments determined in writing by the Air Resources Board or the Executive Officer to produce equivalent results for PM10 shall also be California Approved Samplers for PM10 and PM2.5. These include those continuous samplers that have been demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Air Resources Board to produce measurements equivalent to the Federal Reference Methods.

Included below is Appendix A to Title 17 (Section 70100.1) with Part A (list of PM10 samplers and monitors) and Part B (list of PM2.5 samplers and monitors) of QA Manual Volume IV, and Chapter 5 (Measurement of Particulate Matter) of the technical support document (Public Hearing to Consider Amendment to the Ambient Air Quality Standards for Particulate Matter and Sulfates, May 3, 2002) with its appendices.

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California Approved Samplers for Particulate Matter

 Chapter /




Appendix A

Proposed Amendments to California Code of Regulations - Title 17, Section 70100


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Part A

List of PM10 Samplers and Monitors (CAS for PM10)


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Part B

List of PM2.5 Samplers and Monitors (CAS for PM2.5)


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Technical Support Document on Particulate Matter Measurement

Chapter 5

Measurement of Particulate Matter


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Appendix 5 to
Chapter 5

Supplementary Materials for Chapter 5 (Parts A to I combined)


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Part A - Method P


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Part B - Appendix M to 40 CFR, Part 50


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Part C - Table Comparing Method P (State method) and the Federal Method (40 CFR, Appendix M) for PM10 Samplers


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Part D - Appendix L to 40 CFR, Part 50


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Part E - 40 CFR, Part 53, Subpart E


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Part F - Appendix A to 40CFR, Part 58


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Part G - Table of Relationship of Filter-Based FRM PM10 and PM2.5 to Continuous Method


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Part H - Summary of PM Sampler Comparison Study at the Bakersfield Monitoring Station


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Part I - Table of the State of California PM10 and PM2.5 Monitoring List


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