DRAFT Clearinghouse of Diesel Engine Emission Factors

This page last reviewed May 27, 2010

The DRAFT Clearinghouse of diesel engine emissions data has been provided below to local air district staff for district staff to review. The MS Access database is linked below, and each file is also provided in MS Excel format.
The data has not been reviewed or evaluated by ARB. This data is for review only. Most of the emissions data is incomplete, the fuel may be unspecified, and the study and data may not have been peer-reviewed. Some of the reports are no longer available. ARB staff does not have copies of any of these reports.

Clearinghouse of diesel engine emissions data (link to MS Access database)

Excel Documents

Appendix A - Appendix B - Documents

Carbonyls - Dioxins and Furans - Emissions Data - Engine Data - Fuel Data

Metals/Inorganics - Speciated Hydrocarbons - Heavy Hydrocarbons

Nitrosamines - PAH/NPAH - Hopanes/Steranes

Quick Data Summary

There are 26 acrolein emission factors from the 180 data records for Carbonyls, only 1 Dioxins and Furans study, 674 records for Emissions Data, 54 records for Metals/Inorganic, 139 records for Speciated Hydrocarbons, only 8 records for Heavy Hydrocarbons, 22 records with limited data for Nitrosamines, 225 records for PAHs and Nitro-PAHs, and 35 detailed records for Hopanes and Steranes. A comparison of acrolein vs. PM is here .