iADAM: Air Quality Data Statistics
Select and View Air Quality Data for Various Pollutants throughout the State

ARB's Aerometric Data Analysis and Management system

Select 8 Summary: Air Quality Summaries Tailored to Your Needs
Select any combination of statistics & years that produces up to 8 output columns
Trends Summaries: Air Quality Trends Summaries
Select any number of years to see year-to-year trends in key air quality statistics
Top 4 Summary: Top 4 Measurements and Days Above the Standard
Choose any three year window of annual top 4 measurements and key annual statistics
Hourly Listing: 24 Hourly Measurements for a Site and Day
Choose any date and location to view all hourly measurements in a moveable 24-hour window
Weekly Listing: Daily Statistics in a 10-Week Listing
Display the daily statistic of your choice in a moveable 10-week window
Toxics Summaries: Statewide & Site-by-Site Toxics Summary Statistics
View comprehensive listings of statewide and site-by-site statistics for substances in ARB's toxics monitoring program