In-Use Off-Road Mobile Agricultural Equipment Regulation - Public Events

This page last reviewed January 31, 2014

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October 25, 2013Board Hearing
In October 2013, the Board approved the State Implementation Plan Credit (SIP) from Mobile Agricultural Equipment Regulation which provides the administrative mechanism for emission reductions resulting from mobile agricultural equipment program projects funded by the Carl Moyer Program to be eligible for SIP credit.  This regulation complements the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District's (SJVPACD) Rule 9610 that will ensure emisison reductions achieved through local, State, and federal voluntary incentive program mobile agricultural equipment projects are eligible for SIP credit.  
Rulemaking Documents
July 9, 2013Public Workshop
A public workshop was held to present draft regulatory language for the near-term rulemaking to provide a mechanism to ensure that incentive-funded mobile agricultural projects implemented in the SJVAPCD using the Carl Moyer Program guidelines result in emission reductions that are eligible for full SIP credit. The proposed regulation requires that mobile agricultural equipment incentive projects follow the Carl Moyer Program guidelines which result in emission reductions that are real, quantifiable, enforceable, and permanent and are therefore eligible for full SIP credit. The proposed regulation will complement SJVAPCD Rule 9610 which provides administrative requirements on local, state, and federal voluntary incentive programs in the San Joaquin Valley to ensure that emission reductions will be eligible to receive full SIP credit.
Public Workshop Notice (PDF-108 KB)
Proposed Draft Regulation (PDF-139 KB)
Workshop Presentation (PDF-281 KB)
March 2013Public Workshop
A series of public workshops were held for public input on California's air quality goals and the need for emission reduction. Topics discussed include: the draft survey results from mobile ag equipment, assessment of local, state, and federal financial incentive programs, the development of a mechanism to ensure local, state, and federal incentive program reductions are SIP creditable, and the availability of cleaner technologies (Tier 4 final) in mobile agricultural equipment.
Public Workshop Notice (PDF-107 KB)
Workshop Agenda (PDF-19 KB)
Presentation (PDF-2.3 MB)
September/October 2012 Public Workshop
A series of public workshops were held for public input on effectively achieving emission reductions from agricultural equipment and include discussion of the emissions inventory, economic analysis, expected timeline and public process for rule development.  
Public Workshop Notice (PDF-32 KB)
Presentation (PDF-1.9 MB)
Flow Chart Handout (PDF-41 KB)
Data Sources Handout (PDF-91 KB)