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CCAQS Organization/Contacts
  Updated June 24, 2004  
CCAQS Contacts

CRPAQS Study Management

The California Regional Particulate Air Quality Study (CRPAQS) follows the management structure diagrammed below.

The Policy Committee (PC) acts as the board of directors for the Study, determining overall objectives, study elements, and approving all contracts.  Membership of the PC follows the four blocks shown, representing federal, state, and local government, and the private sector.  All sponsors of the study may sit on the PC, which is chaired by Supervisor Barbara Patrick.  Direction of the Study is determined by consensus.  In very rare instances when this cannot be achieved, voting follows the four constituent blocks.

The Technical Committee (TC) mirrors the PC in membership, and directs the technical and implementation aspects of the program.  The TC recommends contractors to the PC, reviews reports, and responds to requests from the PC for technical information.  The TC is chaired by staff of the ARB.

The Study Agency acts as the banker for the program, receiving all funds and issuing contracts.  The Study Agency is staffed by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD).

CRPAQS Project Management Members
John DaMassa Program Manager (916) 322-6048
Ajith Kaduwela Technical Committee Co-Chair (916) 327-3955
Karen Magliano Technical Committee Co-Chair (916) 322-7137
John Watson Principal Investigator (775) 674-7046
Chuck McDade Field Program Manager (530) 752-7119
Greg O'Brien Data Manager (916) 322-7063
Vernon Hughes Emissions Manager (916) 323-8374






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