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Air Monitoring Web Manual

Archive Standard Operating Procedures

The objective of the Air Monitoring Web Manual is to provide standard procedures for maintaining and operating air monitoring stations and detailed instructions for acceptance testing, maintaining, troubleshooting and calibrating specific analyzers or support equipment.

The accuracy and/or validity of data obtained from any analyzer depends upon analyzer performance and operator proficiency. Deviations from the recommended procedures set forth in this manual, as well as in the manufacturer's instruction manual, may result in the collection of invalid data.

Therefore, the station operator must become familiar with the information contained in this manual as well as each manufacturer's instruction manual in order to achieve a minimum level of competence and acceptable level of data quality.

For questions or comments related to these documents, please email the Operations and Data Support Section.

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Number & TypeDocument NameDate PostedFile Size
900 sop 001 V1 Advanced Pollution Instrumentation, Inc (API) Model 400A Ozone Analyzer09/11/07 138 KB
900 sop 001 V2 Advanced Pollution Instrumentation, Inc (API) Model 400E Ozone Analyzer *DRAFT*03/15/111.90 MB
900 sop X Advanced Pollution Instrumentation, Inc. (API) Model 400 Ozone Analyzer03/28/07 324 KB
900 sop A Dasibi Model 1003 AH Ozone Analyzer2/1/19952.88 MB
900 sop D Thermo Electron Model 14B NO-NO2-NOx Analyzer4/1/19851.34 MB
900 sop W TECO 42 Oxides of Nitrogen Analyzer03/28/07 609 KB
900 sop S Dasibi Model 3008 Carbon Monoxide Analyzer03/28/07 234 KB
900 sop Y TECO Model 48 Carbon Monoxide Analyzer03/28/0784.5 KB
900 sop B Bendix Model 8501-5CA Carbon Monoxide Analyzer2/1/1984 654 KB
900 sop C Thermo Electron Model 43 Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer03/28/07 602 KB
900 sop O Houston-Atlas Model 825R Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer9/1/1985 611 KB
900 sop 404 V1 Rupprecht & Patashnick Co., Inc. Partisol-Plus Model 2025 Sequential Air Sampler03/28/07 640 KB
900 sop AI Andersen RAAS2.5-300 Sequential Air Sampler03/28/07 383 KB
900 sop Z Rupprecht & Patashnick Series 1400a TEOM PM10 Monitor03/28/071.09 MB
900 sop P Sierra-Andersen 1200 Size Selective Inlet PM10 Sampler03/28/073.74 MB
900 sop 407 Magee Scientific Aethelometer2/2/2008 207 KB
900 sop M Dichotomous Sampler2/3/19972.36 MB
900 sop L Nephelometer1/15/19984.61 MB
900 sop K Research Appliance Corporation AISI Tape Sampler9/1/19839.40 MB
900 sop N Acid Deposition1/10/1986 470 KB
900 sop AL Meteorological Parameters for Met One 090D Barometric Sensor03/28/07 629 KB
900 sop H Monitor Labs Model 9400 Telemetry System Data Logger12/1/1979 163 KB
900 sop AH Environmental Systems Corporation 8800 Data Logger03/28/07 466 KB
900 sop I Columbia Scientific Industries Precision Calibrator System9/1/19891.21 MB
900 sop G Dasibi Model 1005 C2 Gas Calibration System4/1/1989 516 KB
900 sop AC Environics 9100 Gas Calibrator03/28/07 960 KB
900 sop F AADCO Model 737-12 Pure Air Generator03/28/07 634 KB
900 sop J Bendix Model 8202A Reactive Hydrocarbon Analyzer12/1/19951.71 MB
900 sop R Xontech 92003/28/071.86 MB
900 sop 801 Xontech Model 924 Sampler1/1/2004 633 KB
900 sop Q Xontech Model 910A Sampler and Xontech Model 912 Sampling Adapter03/28/072.34 MB
900 sop AK Thermo Environmental Instruments Inc. Model 55C Direct Methane, Non-Methane Hydrocarbon Analyzer03/28/0790.8 KB

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