Special Purpose Monitoring, eBAM Data Portal

This page last updated September 08, 2017

This page contains the latest hourly average values for the Air Quality Surveillance Branch, Special Purpose Monitoring Section. In order to view this data, you will need Microsoft Excel(TM) installed on your computer. Alternatively, you may download a viewer here.

All data contained here is preliminary unless otherwise represented.

For questions regarding this data, please contact:

Mac McDougall
Special Purpose Monitoring Section
(916) 327-4720

Instrument Graph
Download EBAM 5 dataDownload EBAM5 Graph
Download EBAM 6 dataDownload EBAM6 Graph
Download EBAM 7 dataDownload EBAM7 Graph
Download EBAM 8 dataDownload EBAM8 Graph
Download EBAM 9 dataDownload EBAM9 Graph
Download EBAM 10 dataDownload EBAM10 Graph
Download EBAM 11 dataDownload EBAM11 Graph
Download EBAM 12 dataDownload EBAM12 Graph

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