Ambient Air Monitoring Instrument Specifications

This page last reviewed November 13, 2015

This page contains specifications for AQSB, Air Quality Monitoring instrument procurement. For questions or comments related to these documents, please send an email to CARBAQDMS.

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Number & TypeDocument NameDate UpdatedFile Size
002 spc Ambient Ozone Analyzer Specifications12/03/1428.8 KB
101 spc Ambient NO/NO2/NOx Analyzer Specifications02/03/1046.1 KB
400 spc Continuous Beta Attenuation Mass Monitor Specifications03/28/0734.3 KB
401 spc Particulate Speciation Sampler Specifications06/02/1138.4 KB
404 spc Sequential PM 2.5 Sampling System Specifications10/15/1346.6 KB
602 spc Datalogger Specifications (Analog)03/28/0728.1 KB
604 spc Strip Chart Recorder Specifications03/28/0728.7 KB
700 spc Automatic Gas Calibration System Specifications02/21/1359.4 KB
702 spc Zero Air Generator Specifications01/27/1117.1 KB
800 spc Poly-Urethane Foam Sampling System Specifications03/28/0734.8 KB
801 spc Multi-Media Sampler Specifications03/28/0748.1 KB
805 spc Low Flow Ambient Air Sampler Specifications12/22/0951.7 KB

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