The objective of the Air Monitoring Quality Assurance Manual, Volume II, entitled "Standard Operating Procedures For Air Quality Monitoring," is to provide guidelines for maintaining and operating air monitoring stations and to provide detailed instructions for testing, maintaining, troubleshooting and calibrating specific analyzers or support equipment.

Listed below are the Volume II sections that describe the Air Resources Board's monitoring objective, general operating procedures, and the documentation, siting, and photochemical monitoring station (PAMS) requirements. Specific standard operating procedures as well as checksheets, calibration sheets, specifications, and acceptance testing procedures are available on the Air Monitoring Web Manual.

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TOCTable of Contents-Sections and Appendices04/03/0023.0 KB
2.0.0Objective06/01/785.20 KB
2.0.1General Operating Procedures11/01/8414.1 KB
2.0.2Data Acquisition04/03/0024.3 KB
2.0.3Documentation04/03/001.82 MB
2.0.4Siting Criteria for Criteria Pollutants02/18/00 553 KB
2.0.5Siting Requirements for Wet Acid Deposition Monitoring Equipment08/01/9414.0 KB
2.0.6Siting Requirements for Dry Acid Deposition Monitoring Equipment08/01/946.08 KB
2.0.7Siting Requirements for Toxics Monitoring Equipment08/01/946.17 KB
2.0.8Siting Requirements for Meteorological Equipment08/01/9426.4 KB
2.0.9Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations (PAMS)08/01/9411.0 KB

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