Existing Vehicle Type

Project vehicle types must include commercially available technologies certified by CARB. The following project categories may be eligible for funding; please consult with your local air district for details.
  1. Drayage/Line-Haul Trucks
  2. Drayage Truck

  3. Line-Haul Truck

  4. School Bus/Transit Vehicles
  5. School Bus

  6. City Transit Bus

  7. Other Transit Vehicle

  8. Solid Waste/Refuse Collection
  9. Refuse Truck

  10. Stop & Go Sweeper

  11. Other Heavy Duty Trucks
  12. Light Heavy-Duty Truck

  13. Medium Heavy-Duty Truck

  14. Heavy Heavy-Duty Truck

Replacement or Repower

Existing Vehicle Details

Is this Community Air Protection (CAP) funded? Yes     No  
Fuel Type
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)
Engine Model Year
Project Life/Compliance Date
Is this a Public Fleet vehicle? Yes     No
Fleet Size 1-10 Vehicles    More than 10 Vehicles 1-3 Vehicles    4-10 Vehicles    More than 10 Vehicles
Annual Miles Traveled miles/yr
Percent Operation in California %
Discount Rate (%)

Proposed Replacement Vehicle/Powerplant

Replacement vehicle used? Yes    No
Step 2 Project Life
Vehicle/Engine Model Year
Engine Year
Fuel Type
Engine Emission Standard
First Year of Operation?
Cost of Reduced Technology $

Estimated Grant Amount

The estimated Grant Amounts.

Estimated grant amounts are based on the equipment information entered in the sections above. Projects listed below must meet the eligibility and other criteria outlined in the Carl Moyer Guidelines. Air districts may set more stringent eligibility requirements based on local priorities. Please consult with your local air district for final grant amounts and eligibility requirements. Values may differ from actual grant amount.


This table shows the detailed Emission Reductions for this proposed application. See disclaimers. Actual results may vary.

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