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Facility Information
Facility Name : Eight Star Commodities  Facility ID : 78
Street : 2015 Silsbee Road  SIC Code : 723
City : El Centro  Zip :92243
Phone : (760) 353-3336 
County : Imperial   
Air Basin : Salton Sea   
District : Imperial County Apcd  

Facility Prioritization

District Prioritization

  High          Low
Cancer Prioritization No10 1
Chronic Prioritization No10 1
Acute Prioritization No10 1
Prioritization scores determine whether a facility must conduct a risk assessment for the "Hot Spots" program. The scores themselves are not an accurate measurement of facility risk.

Health Risk Assessment

Cancer Risk  10 none
Chronic Hazard Index  1 none
Acute Hazard Index  1 none
The facility health risk assessment (HRA) and prioritization score data were collected under the Air Toxic 'Hot Spots' Program. The risk data, submitted to the ARB, may not have been derived from the same toxic emission data that was reported to CEIDARS. Because the facility may have taken action to reduce risks pursuant to the risk assessment, the risk from the facility may have been substantially reduced since the risk assessment was conducted. To determine if more recent data is available, please contact the district.

Program Status

Emissions Data
  Pollutant Emissions Unit
Data from 2018

CSV file
TOG 0 Tons/Yr
ROG 0 Tons/Yr
CO 0 Tons/Yr
NOX 0 Tons/Yr
SOX 0 Tons/Yr
PM 15.9 Tons/Yr
PM10 4.6 Tons/Yr
PM2.5 0.2 Tons/Yr
The emission inventory data provided here may have been developed over several years and is the most recent information available at ARB for this inventory year. Many facilities are only required to update their toxic emission data if there has been an increase in emissions. Therefore, the toxic emission data presented here should generally be viewed as maximum emission values which may have decreased since this information was reported. If you have questions regarding data updates, please contact the local air district. Note: If this facility has diesel-fueled internal combustion engines, then a portion of the PM10 shown is considered to be diesel exhaust PM10.

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