Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory - Query Tool for years 2000 to 2006 (Version 2)

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Measurement: CO2 Equivalent CO2 equivalent: A metric used to compare emissions of various greenhouse gases. It is the mass of carbon dioxide that would produce the same estimated radiative forcing as a given mass of another greenhouse gas. Carbon dioxide equivalents are computed by multiplying the mass of the gas emitted by its global warming potential. (GWP Global warming potential (GWP): An index, based upon radiative properties of well-mixed greenhouse gases, measuring the radiative forcing of a unit mass of a given well-mixed greenhouse gas in the present-day atmosphere integrated over a chosen time horizon, relative to that of carbon dioxide. The GWP represents the combined effect of the differing times these gases remain in the atmosphere and their relative effectiveness in absorbing outgoing thermal infrared radiation. The Kyoto Protocol is based on GWPs from pulse emissions over a 100-year time frame. : AR4 Fourth Assessment Report (AR4): Global Warming Potential values published in the Fourth Assessment Report of the International Panel on Climate Change are currently used by many inventories including the US GHG inventory produced by the USEPA. )
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Unit: million tonnes
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