The 2001 California Almanac of Emissions and Air Quality

This page last reviewed August 11, 2008

This almanac was prepared by the staff of the Planning and Technical Support Division, California Air Resources Board. Principal authors: Andy Alexis, Andy Delao, Cynthia Garcia, Marcella Nystrom, and Kirk Rosenkranz.

This document has been reviewed and approved by the staff of the California Air Resources Board. Approval does not signify that the contents necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Air Resources Board.

The almanac is currently available for download in Adobe Acroabt format (PDF - 6.7 MB), or you may view the contents of each section in PDF format by clicking on the links provided below. The PDF files are best viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 6.0 which is available for free download at The PDF files may be navigated page-by-page or with the bookmark navigation pane which will be opened automatically.

In addition to the PDF files, individual data tables from the almanac are available for download in Excel (.xls) and text (.txt) formats. The tables for each chapter and appendix (.xls, .txt, and .zip) can be accessed by clicking below on the links to the Preface and Table of Contents or the links to the individual chapters and appendices. Alternatively, you may click here to download a zipped version of all the tables in Excel format (XLS - 913 kb) or a zipped version of all the tables in text format (ZIP - 163 kb).

For general information about the almanac or questions about the air quality data, please contact Marcella Nystrom. For questions about the emissions data, please contact Andy Alexis.

The air quality trends presented in the 2001 California Almanac of Emissions and Air Quality represent a summary of data collected at a number of monitoring sites. Whenever data are summarized, the results can be influenced by many factors, including the number monitoring sites in the network, the opening and closing of critical sites, and the completeness of the data. The following document, updated during December 1998, provides information that is helpful for interpreting air quality trends in the 2001 Alamanc.