The California Almanac of Emissions and Air Quality - 2009 Edition

Chapter 1

This page updated March 27, 2009


Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF, 5.3 MB)

  1. Overview
  2. Organization
  3. California Facts and Figures
  4. Quick Facts
  5. California Quick Facts
  6. Interpreting the Emission and Air Quality Statistics
  7. Meteorology's Role in Air Quality
  8. Sources of Emissions in California
  9. Air Quality Monitoring
  10. California Air Basins
  11. Criteria Air Pollutants
    1. California and National Ambient Air Quality Standards
      1. Ozone
      2. Particulate Matter (PM10 and PM2.5)
      3. Carbon Monoxide
    2. California and National Area Designations
      1. Ozone
      2. PM10
      3. PM2.5
      4. Carbon Monoxide
  12. Toxic Air Contaminants
  13. Climate Change
  14. California Air Quality Regulation
  15. List of Air Pollution Contacts
  16. Milestones in California's Emission Control Programs
  17. Web Resources

List of Figures in Chapter 1:

1-1 Days over State 8-hour Ozone Standard
1-2 Est. Days over State 24-hour PM10 Standard
1-3 California Air Quality Monitoring Sites
1-4 California Air Basins
1-5 State Ozone Designations
1-6 National 8-Hour Ozone Designations
1-7 State PM10 Designations
1-8 National PM10 Designations
1-9 State PM2.5 Designations
1-10 National PM2.5 Designations
1-11 State CO Designations
1-12 National CO Designations
1-13 ARB Toxic Air Contaminant Monitoring Sites

List of Tables in Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Description Excel Format Text Format
ALL All Chapter 1 tables in zipped format download download
1-1 List of Counties in Each Air Basin download download
1-2 State and National Ozone Standards download download
1-3 State and National PM10 and PM2.5 Standards download download
1-4 State and National CO Standards download download
1-5 Air Quality Standards download download
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