Background Material: Almanac of Emissions and Air Quality
2013 Edition - Appendix D
Natural Sources

This page last reviewed February 7, 2014

Appendix D: Natural Sources (PDF - 266 KB)

  1. Introduction
  2. Biogenic Sources
  3. Geogenic Sources
  4. Wildfires

List of Figures in Appendix D:

D-1 Statewide Biogenic Emissions
D-2 Wildfires 2001 - 2010

List of Tables in Appendix D:

Appendix D: Natural Sources
Description Excel Format Text Format
ALL All Appendix D tables in zipped format download download
D-1 Statewide Natural Source Emissions download download
D-2 Natural Source Emissions - Biogenic Sources download download
D-3 Natural Source Emissions - Geogenic Sources download download
D-4 Natural Source Emissions - Wildfires download download

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