The 1999 California Almanac of Emissions and Air Quality

This page last reviewed August 11, 2008

This almanac was prepared by the staff of the Planning and Technical Support Division, California Air Resources Board. Principal Authors: Andy Alexis, Patrick Gaffney, Cynthia Garcia, Marcella Nystrom, and Robert Rood.

This document has been reviewed and approved by the staff of the California Air Resources Board. Approval does not signify that the contents necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Air Resources Board.

The almanac is available for download in PDF format. Data in tables are also available for download in Excel spreadsheet format. A compressed file which includes all of the Excel tables is available for download (ZIP - 590K) . You may also view the Almanac's contents by chapter identified below or download the entire Adobe Acrobat document (PDF - 2.1MB).