California Air Quality Data Available on DVD-ROM (1980-2011)

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The California Air Resources Board has released a new DVD in August 2012 entitled "2012 Air Quality Data DVD" with 32 years of air quality data which is compatible with Windows XP and Windows 7. The DVD contains 32 years of criteria pollutant air quality data (1980-2011), 22 years of toxics air quality data (1990-2011), 14 years of dichotomous sampler (Dichot) data (1988-2001), 12 years of PM2.5 speciated data (2000-2011), and 18 years of non-methane organic compound (NMOC) data (1994-2011). This DVD is an update to the air quality data DVD released May 2011. The 2012 Air Quality Data DVD can be ordered at the following Internet web page: "California Air Quality Data Products."

The 2012 Air Quality Data DVD has many features including an Access 2003 runtime program for the Annual Data, a downloadable "Daily Data" program which runs off your hard drive, PM2.5 annual statistics based upon the national 24-hr standard of 35 ug/m3, annual statistics for nitrogen dioxide including the NO2 Federal 1-hour Design Values, and annual statistics for sulfur dioxide including the SO2 Federal 1-hour Design Values. This DVD provides daily averages and representative flags for daily gas data. The missing hourly oxides of nitrogen (NOx) data for the San Francisco Bay Area from 1994-2006 have been calculated and are included in the hourly NOx data sets on this DVD. Monthly averages for Total Suspended Particulates (TSP) lead data are provided by monitoring site. This DVD stores the data in many forms (ASCII, DBF, EXCEL, ACCESS, etc.) used by analysts who process their own data. This DVD also include annual and daily summaries in table format, which are accessible through selection buttons and pull-down menus. Graphs can be produced for annual data trends.

Using the DVD, the data for the full range of years (1980-2011) are stored on this DVD. The Internet download page for data on this DVD can be displayed at "California Air Quality Data on DVD - Selected Data Available for Download." The new 2012 Air Quality Data DVD is available now.

There is no charge for the DVD.

If you would like to obtain a 2012 Air Quality Data DVD, please use any one of the following methods to contact us:  

Call Bob Weller at (916) 322-6158,  or
Call Annie Bellinder at (916) 324-6749  

Send your request (DVD Number: PTSD-2012-035-DVD ) via mail to:

Air Quality Data Branch, DVD-ROM
Air Resources Board
P.O. Box 2815
Sacramento, CA 95812

or,  email to request the DVD.  Questions or comments are also welcome.